What is Pranayama?


The word Pranayama in Sanskrit is made up of two essential parts- Prana and Ayama. The Prana word means the vital energy while the word Ayama means to control, hence it is termed as Pranayama. It is the essential energy which actually manifests itself as one of the most self-energizing forces which embrace the body of a person. When this particular force enfolds in the body with entire control, it is termed as Pranayama.

Types of pranayama
What is pranayama and 11 pranayama types you need to know

The word Pranayama in Sanskrit is made up of two essential parts- Prana and Ayama. The Prana word means the[…]

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Chandra Bhedana Left Nostril Breathing Pranayama Steps Benefits
Amazing Benefits of Chandra Bhedana (Left Nostril Breathing) Pranayama

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Jan 23, 2021
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Deepika Sharma

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Jan 22, 2021
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Deepika Sharma

Jan 22, 2021
How to Shashankasana Steps | Benefits of shashankasana | Precautions

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Jan 22, 2021
How to do Surya Namaskar (Steps) | Benefits of Surya Namaskar

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