What is Pranayama?


The word Pranayama in Sanskrit is made up of two essential parts- Prana and Ayama. The Prana word means the vital energy while the word Ayama means to control, hence it is termed as Pranayama. It is the essential energy which actually manifests itself as one of the most self-energizing forces which embrace the body of a person. When this particular force enfolds in the body with entire control, it is termed as Pranayama.

Sama Vritti Pranayama
How to Practice Box Breathing (Sama Vritti Pranayama or Equal Breathing)

In yogic breathing, Sama Vritti pranayama is one such powerful relaxation tool that consciously incorporates longer breath to clear our[…]

Bahya Pranayama
How to do Bahya Pranayama and Its Benefits?

Bahya Pranayama is one of the important breathing exercises in which the breath is released while practicing, hence it is[…]

Pranav Pranayama
Pranav Pranayama (Om Meditation Breathing)

The Pranav Pranayama technique is one of the simplest breathing techniques, which is called the last pranayama according to the[…]

Yoga Poses


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May 07, 2022
Reclined Intense Back Stretch Pose (Supta Paschimottanasana)

Supta Paschimottanasana is a basic intermediate-level reclined yoga pose that is performed lying down in the back position. This yoga[…]

Deepika Sharma

May 04, 2022
Urdhva Upavistha Konasana (Upright Seated Angle Pose)

Urdhva Upavistha Konasana is an intermediate asana in which your spine plays an important role, you need to keep your[…]

Deepika Sharma

Apr 15, 2022
Steps and Benefits To Do Ardha Mandalasana (Half Circle Pose)

Ardha Mandalasana is a simple side stretching yoga pose in which the legs, torso, and arms form a semi-circular shape.[…]

Deepika Sharma

Mar 23, 2022
Jala Neti Techniques And Health Benefits

In a yogic lifestyle, Jal Neti is one of the yogic systems of cleansing techniques that are used for body[…]

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Mar 22, 2022
Antarayas Obstacles: The 9 Obstacles Of The Yogic Path

Only the distractions of the mind are called 'Yogantaraya'. These arise from the distractions of the mind and disturb the[…]

Deepika Sharma

Mar 15, 2022
How To Practice Yoga To Relieve Period Cramps

Gentle movements like yoga can really help relieve your menstrual cramps, headaches, anxiety, and other periods related symptoms. If you[…]

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Ayurveda Tips


Ayurvedic tips using Natural Ingredients

Home Remedies For Red Eyes
How To Heal Common Eye Problems: Home Remedies For Red Eyes

Red Eyes & Bloodshot Eyes are very common problems, and most people have to face this problem at some point[…]

Alum Benefits
All About The Alum Benefits, Uses, And Side Effects

Alum, known as Fitkari in Hindi, and ‘Shubhra’ in Ayurveda. A naturally occurring translucent, white-colored crystal that offers many benefits[…]

All you need to know about Panchakarma Ayurveda therapy
All you need to know about Panchakarma Ayurveda therapy

The ancient Indian sages, keeping human health paramount, prepared a specific medical system to keep their life healthy, which is[…]

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Apr 18, 2022
16 Samskara (Rites of Passage): Importance of 16 Hindu Samskaras

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