benefits of applying oil on the navel

Oil massage on body and hair is seen by our parents and grandparents practicing and talking, but do you know that applying oil on belly button ie navel provides many benefits?

Yes, you read that right! The belly button or navel is the powerhouse and focal point of our body. The navel controls all the functions of our body. The blood vessels of almost all the organs of our body connect with the navel. And it has the ability to cure many common feelings and illness. Therefore, nutrition can be easily delivered to almost all the organs of the body through the navel. When a special oil is applied over it.

In fact, all the nutrients required for the development of the baby before birth are delivered to the baby through the way of the navel.

So let’s go, now is the time to know the benefits of applying oil on the navel. And which oil is beneficial in which problem.

Moisturizes Skin

Does your dry, flaky skin make you look dull and lifeless? So leave your moisturizer and massage the navel with a little oil. Oils are naturally very good for moisturizing skin. This simple solution helps to make your skin soft and supple. Applying oil to the navel can significantly reduce the dryness of the skin around you.

For this, you can use olive oil and coconut oil. Just take a little bit in your palm and put it on the navel and rub it on the stomach. Your skin will be smooth after coming out of the shower.

For Deep Cleaning of the Navel

In Ayurveda, the Navel Chakra is an important source of energy and imagination. The Navel Chakra develops creativity in you. The Naval Chakra is in the middle of the body, from which the rest of the body’s chakras are connected. To protect the navel cycle, you have to take full care of its cleanliness.

If you are not able to clean it while bathing, then at night before bed put some drops of oil on the navel and massage it.

Cures Infection

Oil can be a good option to treat infections naturally and kill germs. With the right oils, you can kill an infection. Mustard oil and tea tree oil are the best options as it has powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Cure Chapped Lips

As soon as winter comes, the biggest problem is torn lips and joint pain. For cracked lips, in addition to the lip balm, apply one drop of mustard oil on the navel at night. This will remove the roughness of your ankles. Lips will be soft and if the skin is dry then it will also provide relief.

To Improve Fertility

As mentioned above, the navel is directly related to your fertility. Eventually, the baby’s placenta is attached to the mother’s navel in the womb. Applying oil at this place can affect your fertility, whether you are male or female. Massage a few drops of oil extracted from coconut, olive oil and guava leaves on the navel. It helps in treating menstrual problems along with giving you rest. This will also keep your hormones regular and thus increase the chances of gestation.

Good Bye Pimples and Acne  

Stains and stubborn pimples that appear on the face, along with spoiling beauty, also work to reduce your confidence. Which later appear as white, black and burning red spots on the face. If you are also troubled by stubborn pimples, then leave tension and adopt neem oil on the belly button daily or navel.

Decreases Menstrual Pain

Periods are a common problem occurring in women every month. In which women undergo unbearable pain. But do you know that women should use the right oils in their navel during periods, which is responsible for period pain in periods.
The best option is essential oils such as peppermint oil, clary sage and ginger as it has pain-relieving properties.

Glowing Face

Often, due to pollution or due to pollution, our skin glows and our skin starts to look very faded. You do not need to do much for this. Simply apply one drop of almond oil on the belly button and get a glowing face every day.

Obesity and Joint Pain Cured

If you are suffering from obesity or joint pain, then massage with olive oil on the navel before sleeping at night. By doing this, within a few days you will get relief from obesity and joint pain.

Prevention from Cough and Cold

In winter, some people are caught in a problem like a cough and cold. If you want to get relief from this problem easily then apply alcohol on the navel. It is also known as the best home remedy for cough and cold. Remember that you only need to add 2 to 3 drops.


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