benefits of Aak

The Madar plant is also known by other names such as Aka,’ Ark ‘and Akaua, etc. Madar plant is not grown anywhere. This plant grows anywhere on its own. White and blue flowers grow on this plant. This plant is poisonous, it is also not grazed by animals, but the benefits of Aak are used to overcome many types of health problems. It is an Ayurvedic plant, whose leaves, fruits, flowers, and milk emanate from it to overcome various types of health problems.

Aak Plant: Nature’s Gift

Aka is a perennial shrub. The height of this plant can be up to 2.5 meters. Its leaves are flat and oval. The leaves are as thick as banyan leaves. There is no need to plant this plant, it is a nature’s gift. Which occurs on sandy land during summer. It dries up during rainy days.

There are two species of this Ayurvedic plant, one of which has Calotropis Procera (purple-flowered) which is used to overcome various types of health problems and the other Calotropis gigantea (white-flowered) which are very rare.

Its fruits are like mangoes from which soft smooth cotton comes out. Milk comes out in its branches. This milk serves as poison. But some of its miraculous benefits also have a special effect on our body. Aka plant rich in medicinal properties is also used for worship.

There is a misconception in the general society about this plant that the plant of Aak is poisonous, it kills humans. There is definitely some truth in this because in Ayurveda codes it is also counted in the sub-subjects. If it is consumed in excess, then man can die due to vomiting or diarrhea. Conversely, if Aak is consumed in an appropriate quantity, in a proper manner, under the supervision of a clever medical practitioner, it is a greater benefit in many diseases.

Aak Crown Flower Botanical Classification

  • Family: Asclepiadaceae
  • English: Madar, Giant Milk-weed, Roostertree, Mudar plant
  • Sanskrit: Alarka, Rajaarka, Shvetarka, Vasuki, Mandaar, Bhasvanmuula, Dinesh, Prabhakar
  • Unani: white Madar flower, Aak
  • Siddha/Tamil: Erukku
  • Arabic: Oshar
  • French: Calotrope, Pomme de Sodome
  • German: Wahre Mudarpflanzer, Gomeiner
  • Italian: Calotropo
  • Spanish: Algodon extranjero, Cazuela
  • Turkish: Ipekag
  • Latin: Calotropis Gigantea
  • Parsee: Zahook, Darakhte.

Ayurvedic Medicinal Properties of Aak

Qualities (Guna): Lightness (Laghu), Dryness (Rukha), and Teekshna

Taste (Rasa): Bitter and Pungent

Vipaka: Pungent taste after digestion

Potency: Its potency is hot. Branch, leaves, and root have the hot potencies. The flower has also hot potencies.

Metabolic Property: Pungent

Apart from this, these Medicinal Properties also included in aak plant- Anti-fungal, Anti-diabetic, Anti-carcinogenic, Expectorant, Aphrodisiac, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-coagulant, Anti-dysenteric, Anti-syphilitic, Anti-rheumatic.

Nutrients of Aak:– Nutrients found in it include A and B Amarin, Cyanidin-3-Rhamnoglucoside, Procesterol, B-sitosterol, Calactin, Catoxin, Calotropagenin, Calotropin, Calotropain, Proceroside, Proceragenin, etc.

Benefits Of Aak Plant (Madar)

Every part of the eye is medicine, every part is useful. It is as fiery as the sun and excellent as mercury and has divine chemistry.

Benefits Of Aak leaves for inflammation:- Since ancient times, leaves of Aak have been used to remove inflammation of the body. Apply oil on the smooth surface of the leaves (ventral side), heat them and apply to the swelling affected area. If this treatment is used regularly for 5 to 6 days it definitely helps reduce inflammation.

Benefits of Aak flower to cure asthma Grind dried flowers of mudar and make powder and mix a little bit of rock salt in it. You can eat this mixture like this or else it can be drunk by mixing it with warm water. In this way, you can get relief from Asthma, cough, cold, etc. by using Aak flowers.

Benefits of Aak Cure digestion:- If you have stomach related problems then it can be beneficial for you.

Aak leaves to relieve deafness:- Put a few drops of juice from the leaves into the ear. It helps in removing the deafness of the ear. But you advise that your ears come in sensitive organs, so contact the doctor before using this juice.

Benefits of Aak Cure Diabetes:- Put the leaves of this plant under the feet every morning and add socks. Remove this leaf before sleeping at night. Its use helps control sugar.

Aak Plant Milk Benefits

Milk of Aak is very beneficial. Using this, can overcome various types of skin problems. Apply its milk on the skin, ringworm, boils or sores. The antioxidants present in it help in removing and healing your skin problems.

A Word Of Caution

Along with its Ayurvedic and medicinal properties, Aak also has a poisonous tendency.

If you are taking medicines for a particular disease then you should contact your doctor before using it.

As a result of high intake, it can cause vomiting, diarrhea, slow heart rate, convulsions, and even death.

Use caution when using it. Because it is a very poisonous plant. And while using it, keep your eyes away from it.

It avoids during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The milk of this plant contains poison. Save the delicate parts.


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