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5 Best Meditation Chairs You Need To Know

Meditation chairs are so important because it makes your meditation more comfortable. These chairs help you sit for long periods of time with different postures or Mudras while meditating.

Whether the situation is to meditate or work in an office or sleep in bed. You do not cover yourself for work if you have not obtained a proper seat. Just as sitting in a comfortable seat in the office is a good job, a comfortable bed is needed for deep sleep, just like a comfortable chair, pillow, and cushion is also needed for deep and prolonged meditation.

Studies have also shown that Meditation should sit in a comfortable position. If your place or seat is not comfortable for meditation then it can harm you as well as you will be unable to meditate and cannot keep it up for a long time.

Generally, back pain is a common complaint during prolonged sitting. So in such a situation, it is important to look for a chair. Which helps you to make your meditation practice more comfortable.

Benefits of Meditation Chairs

Meditation chairs are designed to provide comfort and support to the body during meditation practice. Here are some of the benefits of using a meditation chair:

  1. Improves posture: One of the most important aspects of meditation is maintaining a good posture. Meditation chairs are designed to help align the spine, which can help reduce back and neck pain.
  2. Reduces discomfort: Sitting on the floor for long periods of time can be uncomfortable, especially if you have knee or hip problems. A meditation chair provides a comfortable and supportive seat, which can help reduce discomfort during meditation.
  3. Enhances focus: When you’re comfortable and relaxed, it’s easier to focus on your meditation practice. A meditation chair can help you get into a relaxed state of mind, making it easier to focus on your breath and be present in the moment.
  4. Increases circulation: Sitting cross-legged on the floor can put pressure on the legs and reduce circulation. A meditation chair allows you to sit with your feet flat on the ground, which can improve blood flow to the legs and feet.
  5. Supports a consistent practice: Having a dedicated space for meditation can help establish a consistent practice. A meditation chair can serve as a visual reminder of your commitment to your practice and make it easier to meditate regularly.

Overall, a meditation chair can provide physical comfort and support, which can help enhance your meditation practice and make it easier to establish a consistent routine.

Now, We will tell you about 5 best meditation chairs that help you sit for long periods of time with different Mudras, Asana or postures while meditating. Meditation chairs come in various sizes and models.

1.  Friends Of Buddha: Buddha Bliss Meditation Chair

This meditation chair is designed with great pieces of brand furniture for beginners and for meditation practitioners. The chair designer is a registered yoga teacher. It is believed to be designed by the Osho meditation facility. It is designed to make meditation camps & Satsang more comfortable.

Buddha Meditation Chair or Buddha Bliss Chair can help people with back support or back problems. It also helps older people who may need extra support to sit on the floor.

In addition, the chair is fully foldable, and it comes with a smaller cushion is more comfortable. And provides back support which promotes good rest.

Seat size: 18 x 20 inches, 7.5 cm thick, and weighs 15 pounds. This seat size is ideal for people under 5 foot 9.

2. Alexia Meditation Chair

Meditation should be relaxing, which supports the body.

The Alexia Meditation Seat Design is a very comfortable meditation chair as a piece of furniture that is nothing but supports the body properly. In particular, it is designed for long-term meditation.

You can keep your hips elevated by supporting your body in the right places on this chair so that naturally you can sit upright. And your feet don’t feel the pressure of your body weight. It helps ease tension and reduce stress on hips as well as distributing body weight.

It is an ergonomic meditation cushion that allows you to achieve your ZEN meditation with perfect posture and comfort.

This product is made from vegetarian-friendly ingredients, genuine leather, or richly colored fabric. It is more expensive than other chairs, the Alexia is one of the larger meditation seats and does not have a traditional back. It produces back support.

3. Back Jack Floor Chair

It is one of the best meditation seats if you want to buy a meditation chair that is useful for other work besides meditation. It is also known as Floor Chair.
People who need back support while meditating. For them, at a very low price and a very reasonable chair compared to other meditation chairs.

The use of this chair is meant for those people who are suffering from back pain problems. By using it you can not feel back pain as well as you will be in meditation for a long time.

People also believe that the back jack floor chair is one of the best meditation chairs for back support and easy to travel with.

The steel frame supports your back and prevents it from slipping while sitting on the floor. People use it for camping, worshiping, eating food, playing games, or any other activity that requires sitting on the floor.

4. Gaiam Rattan Meditation Chair

It is a stylish, comfortable and lows back support meditation chair. Which is specially designed for a cross-legged meditation position with a triangular shape. An ergonomically designed chair with back support is ideal for tall people. The thick natural cotton pillow is incredibly comfortable and has enough space for cross-legged seating.

It is believed that Rattan Meditation Chair is the ultimate meditation chair for some people.

This Meditation Chair also plays an important role in other places. Like in the living room, bedroom or office.

It is one of the luxury chairs which is expensive. It is difficult to move from one place to another.

5. Zafu Meditation Pillow

If you’re searching for without back support and willing to make an investment to buy a great meditation pillow, consider the Zafu Meditation Pillow.

It is a soft round and curved pillow filled with clean cotton inside.
It does not require much space to keep it can significantly improve your posture and comfort level during meditation. A successful practice requires Zafu Meditation Pillow.


A good meditation chair relieves the pressure that prevents you from sitting in a posture for a long time. These chairs are ergonomically designed to sit on which promotes good back alignment. The Meditation Chair also helps maintain a consistent practice.

People believe that sitting properly is an important part of meditation. A meditation chair will help you sit upright and maintain a safe posture.


The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional