Bad breath, which is also called Halitosis in medical language and breath smell. The problem of bad smell from the mouth is not a common thing, it can also be a sign of a disease occurring in the body, can be embarrassing, and in some cases cause anxiety. If you are facing some such problem or you have such symptoms, then it is important that you adopt home remedies to remove bad breath.

However, this is a medical dilemma that makes you feel uncomfortable. Researchers believe that in people with dry mouth, there is generally a tendency to have bad breath.

But it is not that this problem cannot be cured, just by taking care of some important things, bad breath can be overcome.

Natural Home Remedies to Remove Bad Breath

With the following tips, you can eliminate bad breath without getting immersed in mouthwash or going to a dentist.

Clean Your Teeth and Scrape the Tongue

Brush and clean your teeth twice a day. It is also important to clean the tongue with a tongue cleaner. Due to eating and drinking, a layer gets accumulated on the tongue, which can cause bad breath. This remedy also helps fight bad bacteria in your mouth that can cause cavities.

Drinking Warm Water

Scientists believe that by drinking hot water, the toxic substances of the mouth are removed. Drinking warm water on an empty stomach in the morning and after eating at night ends digestive problems, which is the reason for bad breath.

Not only this, drinking hot water helps in detoxing the body and it cleans all the impurities of the body very easily. By drinking hot water, the temperature of the body starts to rise, which causes sweating and through this, the impurities of the mouth are removed.

Chew Fennel Seed

Fennel seed is a good mouth freshener. Chewing it in the mouth helps to remove the bad odor of the mouth. It can help you to make more saliva. Its compounds have powerful antimicrobial properties, fights the growth of bad bacteria.

Fennel tea is the best option to address bad breath. Apart from this, consuming fennel tea can save you from many oral health problems. Fennel tea has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Which are helpful in destroying bacteria and other pathogens present in the mouth.

Herbs and Spices

To maintain the freshness of your breath, start consuming one or more of the following spices after meals.

Star anise
Black salt

Green tea

Mouth odor can be reduced by the use of green tea. It contains antioxidants and antibacterial components that remove odor.

Conclusion:- Oral hygiene should definitely be given priority, but still you will see that even after every remedy you get back the bad breath. In such a situation, you must see yoga as an option. Although yoga is considered a physical exercise, it also helps to overcome bad breath.

Doctor’s visit

  • To maintain the freshness of your breath, do a dental checkup at your doctor at a regular time. It should be noted that along with your food and mouth problems are especially responsible for bad breath.


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