benefits of ginger tea

Ginger using  Household cough  home remedies in India and China since  5000 years. Tired, or suffering from the light cold one cup of ginger tea can treat both health problem effectively. Tasty, Ginger tea becoming one of top choice for everyone. Let us look  health benefits of ginger tea 

Ginger tea before travelling can help prevent vomiting.

  • Nausea – Well ginger contains bio-active compound study suggest that drinking ginger tea can help you treat vomiting nausea.

One cup Morning Ginger Tea can help morning motion sickness.

  • Motion Sickness – You are travelling, You are in airport, Meetings , and suffering from  motion sickness You can try one cup tea .

Studies suggest Ginger can help fight obesity .

  • Weight Loss –  You are trying cardio at gym , doing yoga for weight loss,  following GM Diet for weight loss Try one cup tea before Lunch surely will help in your weight loss schedule .
  • Anti-Aging & Soothes  – Ginger contain anti-bacterial propertise. Due to pollution, dead skin started at our face one cup daily drink of ginger can help to fight pollution worms and will you keep young.
  • Depression –  Neuroprotective extraction study of gingers suggest ginger tea can help you fight depression.
  • Dementia –  Since ancient time ginger using as herb and study suggest that ginger can be helpful for treatment of Dementia.  

Ayurveda Detoxification morning ginger tea

You can detoxify Your body daily by drinking one cup of ginger tea which contain fresh lemon, and raw honey. Don’t use milk in tea. This will surely help in digestion as well.

How to prepare  –

Just one cup of the hot water, 1-2 gram mix ginger extract with raw honey in or you can use fresh ginger make sure you cut down ginger in the small pieces and use these at time water heating.

Health Benefits Of Ginger Tea

  1. Respiratory Problems:- Believe it or not, Ginger tea is a best home remedies for cold-cough-fever. That can help relieve congestion associated with the common cold. Actually, ginger is warm and it is also the best natural antibiotic. A cup of ginger proves to be very beneficial when it gets cold and the respiratory symptoms associated with environmental allergies.
  2. Relieve stress:- If ginger tea is taken as a medicine, it will not be exaggerated. At the same time, scientists claim that mood can change from just the fragrance of ginger tea. Due to a combination of the strong aroma and healing properties helps in getting out of the eczema atmosphere. Ginger tea has calming properties that is stress of the veins is overcome.
  3. Relieve menstrual:- Drinking tea with ginger is very beneficial for women in cases of pariyadic probes. and helpful for all women suffering from menstrual cramps as well. Apart from this, It is also helpful in improving blood circulation. In additionaly, Anti-inflammatory properties present in ginger play an important role in reducing the symptoms of pain and cramping.
  4. Reduce Inflammation:- If you are particularly troubled by swelling of the joints then ginger tea can be consumed.It reduce inflammation and treat inflammatory conditions. It has also been found for treating inflammation associated with osteoarthritis.
  5. Digestion:- Benefits of ginger tea is very effective for digestion. It is rich in phenolic compounds.  that can help relieve gastrointestinal (GI) irritation, stimulate saliva and bile production. It is more effective on the enzymes trypsin and pancreatic lipase.
  6. Blood circulation:- Ginger tea will not only make you feel better, but also it will also ease the many problems that occur during the cold. Vitamins, minerals and amino acids found in it help to restore and improve blood circulation, thereby reducing the possibility of cardiovascular problems and protect heart health. Ginger tea opens blood vessels and allows blood to flow through more easily.

Side Effects of Ginger Tea

Normally, ginger tea doesn’t have any side effects. However, there are  minor irritations if consuming too much.

Since ginger can lower blood pressure and responsible for thinning blood. It caused by consuming ginger tea including heartburn and dizziness.


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