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Akash Mudra: Steps, Benefits & More

The Akash Mudra is a yoga mudra that is believed to enhance the space element (akash) within the body according to traditional Indian philosophy. The term “mudra” generally refers to symbolic hand gestures used in yoga and meditation practices.

In Sanskrit, “Akash” means “sky” or “space,” and this mudra is thought to help connect with the expansive qualities associated with the space element. It is believed that by practicing this mudra, one can cultivate a sense of spaciousness, openness, and clarity.

To perform the Akash Mudra, you typically bring the tips of the thumb and middle finger together while keeping the other fingers extended. The thumb represents the individual self, while the middle finger represents the universal or cosmic self. Bringing them together symbolizes the unity of the individual with the universe, promoting a sense of interconnectedness and expansiveness.

Steps To Do Akash Mudra (Aakash-vardhak mudra)

As with other mudras, practicing the Akash Mudra is often combined with meditation, breathing exercises, or yoga poses to deepen its effects and facilitate a deeper connection with the space element. While the scientific evidence for the specific effects of mudras is limited, many practitioners find them to be helpful tools for enhancing mindfulness, concentration, and overall well-being.

  • First of all, sit in any comfortable seating posture and place the hands with palm pointing upwards on the thighs or the knees.
  • Meditation postures like Padmasana, Siddhasana, and Vajrasana, etc. are ideal for the practice of mudras.
  • Close your eyes and take some deep breaths with the awareness of the breathing process.
  • Now fold your middle finger and tap the tip of the middle finger to the tip of the thumb.
  • The rest of the three fingers should be keep extended as much as possible.
  • Removing all thoughts from the mind has to focus the mind only on OM.
  • In addition, it should be practicing with both hands simultaneously.
  • Do not decrease or increase the speed of breath from your side.
  • Perform this pose for 45 minutes at a stretch every day or for 15 to 16 minutes three times a day.

You can practice this Mudra by standing in Tadasana Yoga (Mountain pose), otherwise sitting on a chair.

This mudra is beneficial for the body in many ways, it helps in curing various types of diseases, let us know the benefits of Akash mudra in detail.

Benefits of Akash Mudra

It is believing Akash mudra has a lot of spiritual, mental, and emotional benefits.

  • It is said in Ayurveda that the problem of migraine occurs due to the deficiency of Aakash element in the body. If it is balanced then migraine can be controlled.
  • Reduction in the pain of sinusitis can also be felt.
  • One who practices Akash Mudra gains consciousness. It gives peace to the mind.
  • Hearing power improves by practicing this mudra.
  • Akash mudra is good for heart’s health.
  • Aakash mudra activates the visuddha (throat) chakra.
  • The practice of Akash Mudra increases calcium in the body. It makes teeth strong and cures diseases related to bones or skeletons.
  • Additionally, this mudra assists in removing negative emotions like anger, sorrow or fear.
  • This mudra also detoxifies the body.
  • This is a panacea for mentally and physically challenged children.

A Specialty of Akash Mudra

According to acupressure, the points of sinus are also found in the middle finger of the hand. By pressing on these points, diseases like cold and cold are cured. Which brings prosperity, material happiness, and strength.

The beads of the chanting beads also move forward with the middle finger.

According to the scriptures, it is considered to be the finger of Saturn. When Fire and Saturn meet, spiritual power intensifies.

Time Interval

Of course, all the mudras are very effective when you do them between 4-6 am in the morning, because at this time you can get a silent and calm environment, which is most essential for any mudra and yoga.

Side Effects

However, all mudras are beneficial to us without any side-effects. But no pressure should be applied on the finger. Pressure means, your mind is restless and not stable. As a result, nothing at all. Perform this mudra freely.

People of Vata nature should not do this mudra. This can cause problems with gas, dryness of skin, arthritis.


Akash mudra is a symbolistic yogic gesture of fingers performed while meditation that enhances the space element or cosmos in the body.


The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional