Balayam (a kind of nail rubbing process) means hair exercise. There is a simple and natural yoga technique for the prevention of hair described by ancient Indians in ancient books and books of Yoga and Ayurveda. Balayam also has great importance in acupressure therapy and is a mixed form of yoga and acupressure. It is the most common treatment and effective remedy for hair regrowth and other hair problems.

Balayam is not less than a boon for our hair because it is an artisan in dealing with every problem related to the hair, like the white hair causes, thinning of hair, and the bald head.

The person rubs the nails of his two hands against each other to stimulate the movements of the scalp, to stimulate blood flow and oxygen. This stimulation if done correctly, repeatedly and for a long time, So MPB (ie male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia) is known to cure. In this method, the baldness of men and women like MBP and androgenic alopecia is treated. It is also known as Prasanna Mudra.

Steps To DO Balayam Yoga Nail Rubbing

  • To practice Balayam Yoga properly, simply bring your hands close to the chest, finger inward and rub the nails on each other. Do this as long as possible.
  • For best results, do not rub the thumbnail.
  • Practice this yoga for 5 to 10 minutes daily to get results as soon as possible.

Benefits Of Balayam Yoga

Everyone desires healthy hair. In this regard, they use market-basedRegular exercise can bring stress to a great extent and at the same time eliminating anger keeps the mind calm and happy. products, which are harmful to the hair in the long run. If you desire healthy hair then practice Balayam Yoga.

  • Balayam greatly benefits our hair Balayam is fully capable of growing our hair back.
  • It is an artisan in dealing with every problem related to our hair, such as the white hair, thinning hair fall, and the bald head.
  • Practicing this asana helps in curing skin diseases.
  • Regular exercise can bring stress to a great extent. And at the same time eliminating anger keeps the mind calm and happy.
  • With the practice of this asana, the flow of blood throughout the body gets better which brings briskness to the face, eliminates weakness.

Things Keep In Mind

  • This process takes more time and results come out slowly, so you must have some patience.
  • If you keep the fingernails of one hand fixed and rub the nails of the other hand, then the hair near the ear can grow fast.
  • Rubbing the fingernails of both hands will increase the hair of the mustache and beard. Therefore, while practicing it, women should take care not to use thumbs.


  • Balayam Yoga can be harmful to those who have high blood pressure.
  • In addition, pregnant women should also avoid this yoga as it may cause uterine contractions or high blood pressure.


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