benefits of honey

Honey is a sweet golden liquid comes from the nectar of the flower. Honey Bee gives us honey they make a hive in which collect nectar from various flowers. Benefits of honey that it has antibacterial and antifungal properties. it is using in many traditional medicines and ayurvedic herbs since ancient times.

Antibacterial properties of honey which inhibit the growth of bacteria in the body, and antifungal properties which are beneficial for the body’s high potential.

Honey teats and color depending on the kind of flower. it have many types, each type of honey depends on the variety of flower nature the bees gathers. Mainly honey have darker and lighter golden color. according to US agriculture divide  honey into many categories.

it’s the composition of general sugar; and have a great source of vitamins and minerals, proteins, phenol antioxidants, and amino acid. Usually, 100 gm honey contain 0.3-gram protiene.

Let’s look at Benefits of Honey For Skin Hair and Health

  • Complementary cancer therapy –  honey is an alternative cancer treatment. recent studies say the antibacterial properties of honey can kill cancer cells and also prevent growing cancer cells.
  • Reduce bad cholesterol – cholesterol is a waxy substance comes from eating that food who’s gain from animals. which is causes of LDL(low-density lipoproteins) known as bad cholesterol the antifungal properties of honey can fight more efficiency from bad cholesterol. daily consumption of row honey beneficial to clean the body system.
  • Healthy lifestyle and energy booster – honey are high vibration properties, benefits of honey that it has the highest amount of nutrients such as carbohydrate, calcium, sodium, potassium, and complex of vitamin B, these give an immediate energy boost. and reduce muscle fatigue to stay healthy life.
  • Prevent diabetes– honey is the best sweetener for diabetics. Daily consumption of raw honey may beneficial for increasing insulin and decreasing blood sugar but in moderation, not excess. and its antioxidant properties protect against diabetes disease.
  • Cold and cough – cough and cold both are viral infections. Honey provided the most significant relief from coughing and known as antibacterial used to a sore throat, cough, morning sickness. honey is also beneficial to keep chest warm as it increases body temperature. never give honey to a child younger than age 1.
  • Benefits of honey for Haircare – nowadays the problem of hair becomes a common problem for every human. Pollution is the biggest cause for hair fall. honey is a amazing natural home remedies for hair loss it provide alimental care of dry hair. it has a long history to use as a hair solution. proponents also claim that honey can promote smooth and silky hair. intake of honey every day can help to improve long and lifeless hair.
  • Treating Alzheimer’s disease – consuming too much of the food such as white bread, pasta, meats and cheese that causes of Alzheimer diseases. it naturally remedies for treating Alzheimer’s.
  • Weight management – honey is a big complexion of natural sugar. which have a great source of vitamin, minerals, and calories. it is not a white/refine sugar that is lack of vitamins and minerals, normally we consume refined sugar which increases the weight. consumption of honey is the best way for weight management. well, home remedies using honey can solve overweight. drinking warm water with honey in empty stomach in the morning can help manage weight. and benefits of honey using with lemon effective for reducing belly fat.
  • Manage blood circulation and control blood pressure – high blood pressure or hypertension can increase heart problem. researchers found that can reduce the risk of heart problem by keeping blood circulation healthy. blood pressure is also a factor of heart problems. honey is a good home remedy for the treatment of high blood pressure; its keep blood vessels soft and also prevent to get rid of hypertension. daily consumption of honey with warm water after bathing can be improving blood flow to all parts of the body.
  • Healing wounds and burns – It is famous for its various health properties such as antibacterial and antifungal. recent studies say that its properties that ease the healing process and protects the wounds from getting infected. and anti bacterial properties of honey are also effective in killing bacteria. so it is good for treating burns. Manuka honey is especially treating healing wounds.
  • Prevent a toothache and gum disease – it is may help reduce cavities and bacteria and its antibacterial properties treat the site of infection in the mouth and also help in gum disease. manuka honey is the best for gum surgery, it slight bit costly but very effective for the gum surgery.


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