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Aug 19, 2022

Full-Body Yoga Routine: 20 Yoga Poses For Total Body Workout

Yoga is a group of postures, meaning poses that can be challenging as well as a total body workout. Yoga[�K]

Aug 18, 2022

Karma Yoga – What Is It and How To Practice It?

Karma yoga is one of the four main branches of yoga (Jnana (knowledge or self-study), Bhakti (devotion), karma (yoga of[�K]

Aug 06, 2022

Guided Home Yoga Equipment For Beginners

If you are willing to start yoga at home, you must first invest in a few important pieces of equipment[�K]

Jul 07, 2022

7 Yoga Poses For Tight Hamstrings & To Improve Their Flexibility

Once your hamstrings are painfully tight, it can lead to very problems such as poor posture, lower back pain, tension[�K]

Jun 16, 2022

A Step by Step Guide to Yoga Nidra

Yoga has many benefits and among those is mental and spiritual awakening. It puts the practitioner in a surreal state[�K]

Mar 23, 2022

Jala Neti Techniques And Health Benefits

In a yogic lifestyle, Jal Neti is one of the yogic systems of cleansing techniques that are used for body[�K]

Mar 22, 2022

Antarayas Obstacles: The 9 Obstacles Of The Yogic Path

Only the distractions of the mind are called 'Yogantaraya'. These arise from the distractions of the mind and disturb the[�K]

Mar 15, 2022

How To Practice Yoga To Relieve Period Cramps

Gentle movements like yoga can really help relieve your menstrual cramps, headaches, anxiety, and other periods related symptoms. If you[�K]

Jan 11, 2022

Core Yoga Poses: A Yoga Sequence For A Strong And Stable Core

There are individual core yoga poses you can practice strengthening your core muscles that build a strong and stable center![�K]

Jan 06, 2022

How To Heal A Tight IT Band- Yoga For Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Yoga For IT Band, Do you have pain on the outside of your knee? This may be due to iliotibial[�K]