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Daily Use Benefits of Sandalwood Powder for Skin

Sandalwood is considered a natural medicine for treating skin issues. For centuries, Ayurveda has recognized the numerous health benefits of sandalwood for skin. This excellent beauty ingredient is natural, reliable, and effective, providing relief from many skin diseases.

What Is Sandalwood & Sandalwood Powder

It is a highly aromatic wood obtained from the genus Santalum tree, mainly grown in the forests of Karnataka India. The fragrance comes from the wood itself, not the green tree. It contains antibacterial elements and is converted into a fine powder used in various beauty and health products.

Benefits of Sandalwood Powder for Skin

It’s powder has been used worldwide for skincare since ancient times. It not only addresses skin problems but also enhances complexion and fights infections.

  1. Fights Against Skin Infections Sandalwood powder has anti-inflammatory properties that combat skin infections without side effects. It is a primary ingredient in many face packs, creams, and soaps. Mixing rose water with it and applying it to the face or affected area is beneficial.
  2. Rich in Antiseptic Properties The antiseptic properties of sandalwood help heal blemishes, pimples, and wounds caused by dust and pollution. Mix 1 teaspoon of sandalwood powder with milk, apply it to the face, let it dry, and then wash off.
  3. Goodbye Pimples and Acne it prevents pimples and acne with its antiseptic properties. Mix one spoon of rose water and one spoon of turmeric powder with it. Apply to the face, let it dry, and then wash off.
  4. Fair Skin it enhances beauty by making the face soft, glowing, and improving skin color. Mix one tablespoon of it wit one teaspoon of turmeric, and some milk to make a paste. Apply to the face, neck, and wrists.
  5. Skin Odor it refreshes the body with its fragrance and reduces sweating. Mix rose water with it and apply it to the body once daily.
  6. Oily Skin it is excellent for oily skin, which can cause infections, pimples, and acne. Prepare a pack by mixing water with red sandalwood powder and apply daily.
  7. Removes Dark Spots Red sandalwood powder removes dark spots and enhances the face. Mix it with coconut oil, apply it to the face, and leave it overnight for best results.
  8. Sunburn Protection it helps combat the harmful effects of UV rays. Mix 1 tablespoon of it, 1 tablespoon of honey, and enough rose water to make a smooth paste. Apply it to the face or affected areas and rinse off after some time.


Sandalwood powder is a powerful natural remedy for various skin issues, offering numerous benefits like infection control, acne prevention, and complexion enhancement. Incorporate sandalwood powder into your skincare routine to experience its full potential.


The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional