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Dynamic Meditation And What Are Its Benefits?

Dynamic meditation is a specific type of meditation technique developed by Indian mystic Osho.

Dynamic Meditation practice is exactly like the word dynamic- Full of Energy and New Ideas. In a world full of enormous meditation practices, Dynamic Meditation is a different one. The spiritual leader Osho has introduced this meditation practice under ” Dhyan Yoga.”

The meditation practice is entirely different from all other meditation practices. Or you can use a mixture of numerous types of meditations. In Osho’s dynamic meditation, you use not only your mind but also the body to meditate. It’s like dancing while getting lost in the background.

OSHO’s trademark style of practice- Dynamic Meditation, was made to move dormant vitality and break molded examples in the body-mind. Additionally, It includes riotous breathing quickly with no mood or case trails by wild developments and yelling. The full practice takes an hour to finish. You will see an air of enthusiasm surrounded by you.

Osho mediation is performed in one hour at the time of sunrise in this mediation music is played along with 5 stages.

How to Perform Osho’s Dynamic Meditation

This practice is super quick. Moreover, it is a severe and intensive approach to break old, instilled examples in the body-mind that keeps one detained before. And to encounter the opportunity, the seeing, quietness, and harmony that are holed up behind some dividers.

One should perform the practice early in the morning under some supervision of Osho or Osho’s trained mentor. Some wisely sayings tell us that, “the entire of nature ends up pretty alive, the night has passed, the sun is coming up, and everything ends up cognizant and alert.”

The Meditation Practice takes around 1 hour to complete, and it has five stages. It’s all your choice how you want to perform. Alone or with a group under the mentor’s guidance. Anyway, it is better to perform with a group.

5 Stages of Osho’s Dynamic Meditation in 1 Hour

Stage 1 of Osho’s meditation ( chaotic Breathing)
Breathing clamorously through the nose, let breathing be exceptional, profound, quick, without mood, with no example – and focusing dependably on the exhalation. The body will deal with the inward breath. The breath should move profoundly into the lungs. Do this as quickly and as hard as you can until you genuinely turn into the relaxing. Utilize your standard body developments to assist you with building up your vitality. Feel it developing, yet don’t give up amid the main stage. The stage will take around 10 minutes to complete.

Stage 2 of Osho’s meditation (Lose Yourself)
Relinquish everything that should be tossed out. Pursue your body. Give your body an opportunity to express whatever is there. Go distraught. Shout, yell, cry, hop, kick, shake, move, sing, chuckle; toss yourself around. Pull out all the stops, keep your entire body moving. A bit of acting regularly kicks you off. Never enable your psyche to meddle with what’s going on. Deliberately go frantic. Be absolute. Though, this stage will also take 10 minutes around.

Stage 3 of Osho’s meditation (Exhaust Entirely)
Raise the hands over your head, bounce all over yelling the mantra, “Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!”. As profoundly as could reasonably be expected. Each time you arrive, on the pads of your feet, let the sound mallet profound into the sex focus. Give all you have, and exhaust yourself till your last.

Relaxing Phase- Osho Dynamic Meditation

Stage 4 of Osho’s meditation (Freez Down)
Now stop where exactly where you’ve finished. Do not let anything make you the moment. Not even cough, body settlements, pain- Anything. Feel the flow of energy, find yourself what exactly you’re. Any moment meanwhile will lose the essence of the energy flow and the meditation you’ve performed. Remain constant for atleast 15 minutes.

Stage 5 of Osho’s meditation (Celebrate Life)
Celebrate your feelings and emotions by dancing to music. Be happy and feel the blessings of the life you have in the form of a human. Do it for 15 minutes.

Benefits of Dynamic Meditation

  • It allows you to build a stronger mind. Through indecent breathing, you can change your reasoning example, drop undesirable propensities, and make space in your mind.
  • You will quickly rise above stress and emotional trauma. Enthusiastic and extreme breathing can enable you to reestablish the regular stream of vitality and free you from emotional blockages put away in the body
  • The capacity of the lungs expands. You receive more oxygen than usual during dynamic meditation.
  • The practice clears up your mind from toxic vibes, and you end up with purity in mind and soul.
  • 7 days of practice of Dynamic meditation significant decrease in several psychopathological variables such as anxious-depressive syndrome, somatic complaints, aggressive behaviors, and depression.
  • Through the various stages of dynamic meditation, individuals are encouraged to explore and express their authentic selves. This process can lead to a deeper understanding of oneself, increased self-acceptance, and the ability to express emotions and desires more freely.
  • The dynamic movements involved in this practice help to loosen physical tension, increase blood flow, and promote the release of stagnant energy in the body. This can contribute to overall physical well-being and a sense of lightness.

Final Words

Dynamic Meditation is an efficient kind of meditation which involves workout practice which is sufficient for the human body to face in each day. The impact is quite high, and the results are beyond the best.It’s important to note that individual experiences may vary, and the benefits of dynamic meditation can differ from person to person. It’s recommended to learn and practice dynamic meditation under the guidance of a qualified instructor or within a supportive community.


The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional