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Five elements (Panch Tattva) of the body you need to know

According to Yoga and Ayurvedic philosophy, and Chinese medicine our body is composed of five elements (like earth, fire, water, air, and sky), each represented by one of the fingers.

The human body is made up of these five elements; They are also called Panch Mahabhut or Panch Tattva. All these elements are divided into seven major chakras of the body. The balance of the seven chakras and the Panch Tattva keeps our body and mind healthy. Not only are these Panch tattvas mentioned in our Vedas, but Western scholars have also accepted their role for health.

In Ayurveda, the index finger represents the air element, the middle finger indicates the space element, the ring finger indicates the earth element and the little finger indicates the water element, and the thumb represents the fire element.

When this Panch Tattva is imbalanced, a person is gripped by diseases. Our fingers have the characteristic of these elements and each of these Panch tattvas has a specific and important function inside the body. 

By balancing the Panch Tattva, not on anyone element, you can get good health. These five elements of nature also play an important role in building our body.

Know about imbalanced five elements disease

According to Ayurveda imbalance of it can create many disease.

Water (apas) element imbalance – water belongs to ayurvedic taste tanmatra. if the body is having imbalance water element blood become thick and create disease such as cold, asthma.

Earth (prithvi) element imbalance: earth belongs to ayurvedic taste gandha. if the body is having imbalance earth elements weight loss or weight gain kind of disease create.

Fire (Agni) element imbalance: fire elements belong to tanmatra of vision called rupa(color of the body). if it imbalance digestion of the food and create disease such as acidity, gastric problem.

Air (Vayu) element imbalance: Vayu elements associated with breath. if it is imbalance it create disease such as diarrhea.

Space (Aakash) element imbalance: if it is imbalanced it creates diseases such as speech disorders.


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