Sitting Yoga Poses

Asana is a Sanskrit word meaning to keep our body in a particular posture. The great Yogi Patanjali had devised many asanas, the postures, which were steady and comfortable. His teaching is known as Ashtanga Yoga, too. Most of the postures are practiced to achieve better physical and mental health, as these sitting yoga poses have a deep impact on our body, mind, and soul.

5 Top Sitting Yoga Poses:- 

1. Sukhasana – Comfortable Pose (cross-legged)

Sitting pose , pranayama, yoga
Sukhasana – Comfortable Pose (cross-legged)

This sitting posture is recommended for those who have difficulty sitting for a longer period of time in Siddhasana, Vajrasana or Padmasana. Sukashana sitting yoga poses those help to rid of anxiety, hip opener and stretches ankle and knees.

2. Siddhasana – Pose of the Adept

Sitting pose , pranayama, yoga
Siddhasana – Pose of the Adept

Siddhasana quietens the mind, has a balancing effect on the Nadis (nerves) and activates the spiritual energy of the Chakras. Therefore, this sitting posture is well suited for the practice of Pranayama and Meditation. this is also called best sitting yoga poses.

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3. Vajrasana – Sitting on the Heels.

Sitting pose , pranayama, yoga
Vajrasana – Sitting on the Heels.

Vajrasana calms and harmonizes body and mind. This position also stimulates digestion, therefore, it is recommended to sit in Vajrasana for about 5-10 minutes after a meal.


It has been noticed that regular practice of this asana increases the secretion from the glands, which are vital for the physical and mental health of a person. Along with other benefits of doing Yogic posture, Vajrasana helps the digestion process and assists in eliminating the gastric troubles. Those who have suffered from the pain in the knee would be benefited by doing this posture.

4. Ardha Padmasana – Half-Lotus

Sitting pose , pranayama, yoga
Ardha Padmasana – Half-Lotus

This posture is recommended for those unable to sit comfortably in Padmasana.

5. Padmasana – Lotus

Sitting pose , pranayama, yoga
Padmasana – Lotus

Padmasana, together with Shirshasana (Headstand), is referred to as the supreme Asana. The Lotus posture activates and balances the Chakras and quietens the thoughts. It is an ideal sitting posture for Pranayama and Meditation.


Padmasana is a basic posture for many yogic acts. If you want to do chanting for longer hours it is convenient to sit in this pose. As narrated by Patanjali, sitting in this posture makes the energy of the human body taking its natural shape.

It helps in healing several disorders in our body. It is believed that those who practice Padmasana would get help in awaking Kundalini. All the yogis and their pupils prefer to be in this posture while doing the various breathing exercises.

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