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3 Best Sleep Meditation Techniques for Sound Sleep

Meditation is all we need for a calm and soothing life, and that’s what I keep telling in all our articles. Let’s talk about sleep meditation- Have you ever thought, how much a good, sound sleep is essential in the overall functioning of your body.

It’s a well-known fact that Meditation can enable us to rest better. Some particular Meditation activities can let us fall asleep when our brains are in overdrive.

Always Keep in mind- this isn’t an activity to influence you to rest, Instead to expand your mindfulness and comprehension of your brain around evening time. For some odd reason, it frequently results in rest.

Let’s look at some good and generous meditation practices and understand their benefits for a better life.

3 Best Techniques of Meditation for Sleep

Make sure you practice sleep meditation just before you hit the best otherwise it may lead to distracting from your routine work.

Sleep Meditation Technique 1 – (Breathing)

A research suggest 4-7-8 Breathing exercise can also help you sleep better. The most comfortable and most frequent practice which can become your habit easily.

  • No matter where you are- Relax and close your eyes.
  • Now start focusing on your breath.
  • Focus on how you inhale, then where the air is going in your body then exhale.
  • Make sure you breathe normally without putting any force or pressure while inhaling and exhaling.
  • Try to let all your thoughts come and go, do not focus on any of it.

You’ll gradually end up sleeping if you’re practicing it in bed. Otherwise, if you anyway practice it at the desk or any other location where sleeping is not possible then rub your both hands and feel the warmth of it onto your face then slowly open your eyes.

Feel the blessings and happiness all around. Smile naturally.

Technique 2 – (Mindfulness)

Least practiced but quite adequate. Not sure if you’ve ever heard about Law of Attraction. Game of imagination works on it.

  • Make the lights dim.  Be comfortable on your bed and close your eyes.
  • Now imagine your dreams and where do you see yourself.
  • Feel just good about it and keep imagining yourself with positive vibes.
  • Feel as if you’re living it. Living your dream life.
  • With this process, lose yourself in the world of unconsciousness.

You’ll any way fall in sleep feeling very happy about your life. Similarly, you’ll wake up happy and cheerful. Moreover, this will motivate you to work more concentratedly in the right direction.

Technique 3 – (Lost Nation)

Let your mind wander here you physically cannot. There’s a great saying “Not all those who wander are Lost.” True it is! Let your mind roam where it feels good and safe. Explore it and get all your answers.

  • Dim the lights and turn on the soothing music.
  • Close your eyes and feel as much comfortable as you can.
  • Imagine yourself at a place; you always want to go or the place which has ever made you felt better
  • Explore that place, Travel there as you always wanted to do it.
  • Overall, the motive is to feel happy and confident. Work in that direction.

When I talk about Sleep Meditation- this is the most practiced Meditation Technique. Losing yourself at a place where you always wanted to be, will leave you with positive vibes and therefore you’ll have a beautiful sleep.

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Benefits of Sleep Meditation

Sleep meditation is the most beneficial one. It improves your overall health. Keeps you focused. Always strengthen your immune. You can count on enormous benefits like maintaining high blood pressure,

Lowering the cholesterol levels. Even it strengthen you physically. Read more benefits below-

  • It overall improves the quality of sleep. Sleeping is a vital job in your prosperous life. Meditation loosens up your psyche and enables you to rest all the more profoundly. Furthermore, sleep meditation is entirely adaptable. There are no tenets to what extent you can practice it. A few people think that its solitary takes ten minutes to clear their brain and nod off; others appreciate the long sound sleep.
  • Sleep Meditation helps you in getting rid of stress and anxiety. Stress is unavoidable. Regardless of the amount you need to keep an uplifting viewpoint constantly, there will dependably be issues that push you past your usual range of familiarity. All things considered, while the stress remains inevitable, that makes it an ill point for good living. To counter this, practice Sleep Meditation activities and perceive how rapidly you can diminish your feelings of anxiety.
  • Overall Meditation keeps us protected from chronical Disease. Tales and studies have demonstrated that Meditation can moderate, and at times even stop, the movement of malignancy, diabetes, and coronary illness
  • It keeps us focused and punctual. Overall meditation helps you in being aware naturally. Thus, you’ll be more focused and concentrated on whatever work you want to do.It allows you to achieve emotional excellence. When you permit yourself to grab the focus, you turn out to be progressively mindful of your feelings, enabling you to withdraw from them. To put it plainly, you perceive that you are not your feelings, and your emotions don’t control you.

Bottom Line

Sleep meditation is something you can say an essential one. A comfortable, beautiful sleep can automatically help you with hundreds of your day to day life issues.

Not only it has excellent health impacts, but also you’ll feel connected to your spirit.

Believe it or not, its entirely on to you but practicing some Mindfulness meditation will gradually end up in achieving more of your dreams. You will see your way to your goals pretty clean.

Practice it daily and aspire to live a life which is worth living.


The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional