Looking for the easy seated pose?  When We talk about the common seated pose in yoga for everyone Sukhasana hold no one positions.

Are you able to do continuously 30 minutes in this easy pose?  Learn more advanced seated pose such as  Vajrasna.

Sukhasana formed using two Sanskrit word  Sukh (easy), asana means pose. Sukhasana mostly used at the time practices breathing exercise and meditation. well, this is not mandatory to do Sukhasana that you should be the empty stomach.

Do you know we were comfortable to practice Sukhasana pose when we were children? due to the chair sitting culture use in western countries lots of people unable to perform this asana. Let’s learn how to do Sukhasana

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Step to do Easy Pose Sukhasana

  • Pick a yoga mat or blanket or cotton bedsheet. Well, when we do yoga positive energy generated which flow in our NADIS and energy center chakra if we won’t use yoga mat etc the generated energy by practising yoga can pass to earth. Well, the purpose of yoga open chakras and these chakras open through positive energy practice
  • Sit on the yoga mat – comfortably sit on the yoga mat to do the practice the easy pose. if you having the problem with sitting you can take help from wall, blanket, pillow, cushion etc.
  • Open your legs in front of you after sitting. make sure you are comfortable to make your leg straight while sitting if you are not comfortable to improve gradually without any pain.
  • Makes sure your pelvis is neutral.
  • Move your both leg palm to build cross seated positions.
  • Straight your backside- make sure your spine straight.
  • Wide your knees – open your knees.
  • Make your knees beneath under each other.

Benefits of Sukhasana

  • It’s recommended for everyone those have the problem with sitting a long time. This asana opens knees if you are having the job of sitting culture, asana can help you open your knees.
  • Gradually practice of this asana makes calm.
  • It is an effective hip opener.
  • It improves blood circulation.
  • Sukhasana recommends in kids yoga sequences because it helps grow children height.
  • Sukhasana makes body posture perfect.
  • It is the know best yoga postures to improve body postures.
  • Sukhasana effective yoga poses for rigid body types of people.
  • It helps to eliminate anxiety and promote positive calmness in body to fight with unwanted problems.
  • It helps to length and opens the knees and spine.
  • It produces quick relaxation in the mind.
  • It improves the alignment of body postures.
  • Sukhasana practice improves the sense of mind.
  • Weight loss –  In India while eating food you will notice that sitting on the floor since ancient time. We can practice Sukashana while eating this will help to improve the digestion system to reduce weight loss.
  • Stress out – sitting in the Sukhasana at the greenish area such as a park, or in the fresh air flow room, it will help you stress out.

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Preacuation of Sukhasana happy pose

  • Slip disc, pregnet women , chronic problmes should work with under supervision.