Yoga has become a household name when it comes to mental and physical fitness. It has become one of the most famous practice in the whole wide world. With various asanas (body postures) and breathing exercises, you can get the amazing benefits which not only provides physical dexterity and flexibility but also mental well-being. There are a variety of inherent benefits of yoga which has been discussed in this article.

1. Increase in Strength, Agility, and Flexibility

There are many sports and exercises which give you strength while some give you more agility, but there are only a few practices which will not only increase your strength and agility but also your flexibility that improve the quality of life. Many athletes have been utilizing yoga to overcome injury, and many patients have regained full mobility, all due to yoga. It provides a best possible solution for repairing the body and also making sure that the connective tissues, as well as ligaments, are strong and pliable just like muscles themselves.

2. Mental Enhancement

It may seem odd that practice which involves stretching and breathing exercises can enhance both memory and cognitive functioning. But yoga improves learning ability, boost memory power and helps in attaining higher levels of concentration. Most of these benefits are the result of meditation, which is considered to be the ultimate goal of yoga. It can help in your daily lives by improving your brain functioning. Pranayama is considered to be the best yogic practice which delivers high dividends in a very short period of time.

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3. Normalizes Body Weight

Even though doing hath yoga or power yoga won’t result in burning of more calories than a high-intensity workout, yoga does help in normalizing body weight by restoring hormonal of your body. By means of lowering cortisol levels, it results in lesser appetite and also trains our brain to feel more satiated. Exercises like Pranayama helps in maintaining Stress. Stress often leads to overeating and unhealthy diet. Hence, Pranayama helps in avoiding unwanted weight gain.

4. Pain Reduction

Over the years, many research and studies have proven that yoga is quite effective when it comes to relieving pain. In case you are suffering from arthritis, migraine, fibromyalgia, yoga plays an effective role in reducing pain due to all these ailments. When it comes to people suffering from back pain, yoga has provided relief to millions of them. It has been discovered that meditation shows a better result than morphine in case of reducing pain.

5. Respiratory Efficiency Increases

When it comes to health benefits of yoga, there are many which increase the respiratory function of the body. Practices like pranayama help in attaining a higher level of awareness as well as mental strength. It cultivates the life force or chi using these breathing exercises. It also increases the lung capacity, along with increasing tidal volume (total amount of air your lungs can keep at an instant). It also reduces the speed of breathing which is directly correlated to a longer lifespan. It increases the strength of lung muscles and helps in removing toxins in the lungs.

6. Normalization of Blood Pressure

Yoga provides specific benefits for hypo-reactors in case of blood pressure. People who are suffering from issues like hypertension, yoga has shown great and effective results, way better than dietary changes when it comes to improving blood pressure. It helps in providing good heart health and strengthens heart muscles. These breathing exercises also help in reducing stress level which is a major cause of high blood pressure. High blood pressure can result in many other diseases, hence yoga assists in avoiding and preventing such diseases. It improves in reducing cholesterol level in the arteries which is the prime cause of heart diseases and stroke.

7. Enhanced Mental Health

Yoga offers countless mental health benefits which are too many to mention here. It improves the overall mood of the person as well as a sense of well-being. It provides more connectedness with others. It helps in attaining lower stress levels, helps in reducing hostility towards oneself and others. It controls anxiety and provides motivation. Practices like Pranayama have all these benefits along with attaining a feeling of self-actualization.

8. Massage of Body organs

Yoga is the only form of exercise or activity which massages the internal glands as well as organs of the body in a complete and thorough manner like prostate which hardly gets stimulated externally in our lifetime. best Benefits of Yoga stimulates our body organs and keep away many degenerative diseases and boost the immune system which is responsible for body health. This also helps in preventing the onset of any disease or disorder. This makes sure that your organs remain in good condition and less prone to diseases.

9. Strengthened Parasympathetic Nervous System

In case of benefits of yoga, both parasympathetic, as well as sympathetic nervous systems, work in tandem to keep us in the stabilized state to deal with stress. The systems are balanced and inter-connected. When one system goes up, other goes down. In case of sympathetic nervous system, we are on “high alert” state especially responding to stress or trying to minimize it. This system is often triggered by instances and conditions like traffic noises, emails, flashing lights, high-stress environment, business deadlines, etc. Yoga helps in strengthening the parasympathetic nervous system acidity which is majorly responsible for “relaxation response.” Of course, no one wants to remain in the lethargic state or on high alert; yoga helps in attaining circular motion and balance of these two systems to calm down our nerves while enabling us to perform at best of our abilities.

10. Practice Anywhere

One of the most important benefits of yoga is that you can practice it anywhere. You can do yoga in your room, yoga studios, parks, mountains or rooftop of your building. All you need is yoga mat, in some cases depending on your choice, which is not even necessary to have in most of the cases. It requires no membership in the local gym or purchasing of expensive gear and machines. You don’t have to be in a preconditioned state to practice yoga. It is a timeless exercise which can be done without any equipment and inconvenience.