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Top 4 Food for live longer

A person is sure to die because the body is mortal. While every person wants to live for a long time, nowadays very few people are able to live long and healthy lives. The biggest reason for this is unbalanced food and lifestyle. In order to live a long life, it is very important to have better food and lifestyle. food and lifestyle can affect your health so fast, that you can actually live longer by incorporating some special foods into your diet. These foods are proven to add a few years to your life long-lived. Apart from this, these foods are important for living a healthy life.

A healthy diet can not only help in maintaining good health but helps to maintain weight, reduce fatigue, stay away from diseases and live longer.

In fact, eating healthy food is not difficult. There are many healthy foods that are tasty, easily available and can help meet your daily nutritional needs. Here are some foods to live longer, you can add to your daily diet:

Foods For live longer

No matter how old you are, just pay attention to what you eat, that affects your life. Five food for live longer is being adopted here that can add a few extra years to your life. So that you can extend your life and enjoy it vigorously every year.


Amla has been known for innumerable benefits for mankind since its earliest times. It nourishes us and helps us stay healthy. Amla is so useful that it not only gives taste to the eaters but also gets the benefit of natural and medicinal properties of amla.

Vitamin C, iron fatty acids, anti-bacterial and antioxidant elements are found in abundance in amla. These elements are considered very useful for keeping body disease-free and healthy. Many types of physical problems and diseases can be overcome by eating amla and the body’s immunity also increases.

We use amla in many ways. pickle, gooseberry jam, candy, amla juice, amla powder, amla murabba, etc. are eaten with great fervor.


Just a small thing, but when you know the benefits of cranberries, you will be surprised. This small thing gives big benefits. Whenever it comes to healthy food, cranberry comes first, because it is a superfood rich in high nutrients and anti-oxidants.

A study found that American cranberry (Vaccinium mascarpone) is a rich source of exclusively phenol, which in vitro has antibacterial, antioxidant antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antimutagenic, antimutagenic, antigenomic, antimutagenic, and antimutagenic properties.

It has been revealed in research that the consumption of cranberry helps to protect you from 17 types of cancer.

research suggests that the polyphenols contained in cranberries can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD). In this way, by consuming cranberries in daily life, you can greatly increase your lifespan and can live up to 100 years.


Celery is a herb plant. It is one of those rare spices that serves both the purpose of enhancing taste and improving life longer.

It is easily found in an Indian kitchen and works wonders on health. Its seeds include dietary fiber, carbohydrates, tannins, glycosides, moisture, protein, fats, saponins, flavan and phosphorus, minerals containing calcium, iron and nicotinic acid.

There is a common saying about Ajwain that Ajwain alone helps in digesting hundreds of types of grains. Apart from this, it is a common home remedy for various health conditions such as abdominal pain, cramps, intestinal gas, indigestion, vomiting, abdominal distension, diarrhea, loose stools, shortness of breath and abdominal heaviness. Thus the benefits of Ajwain have become part of a long life and a healthy lifestyle.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is not only beneficial for health, but it is also rich in many medicinal properties, so it has been used for years. Its use promotes healthy aging as it protects your body cells from any harmful effects or deterioration.

It is advisable to use olive oil due to its high content of nutrients. Study tell us- It is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and many other properties, as well as an acid called olive in this oil which is very beneficial for health. 24 percent of this oil is saturated fat, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids. Apart from this, energy is also high in it. This oil contains monounsaturated fatty acids in the form of saturated fatty acids. Apart from this, olive oil is full of vitamin E and vitamin K as well as antioxidants which are helpful in boosting immunity.

A special feature of olive oil is that it can be used both internally and externally. It is used for both beauty and health. Olive oil with medicinal properties is cold. Olive oil is used in many ways to get health benefits. Such as cooking, body oil for body massage, hair oil to keep hair healthy, applied directly to the skin to remove beauty problems, etc.


The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional