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Tse Mudra (Three Secrets Mudra): Steps, Benefits and More

Tse Mudra is considered a powerful hand gesture in certain practices like yoga and meditation. Hand mudras are believed to influence the flow of energy within the body and mind.

The Tse Mudra specifically is thought to have calming effects, helping to alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression by balancing the energy within the body.

This Mudra has historical roots in ancient practices, including Taoism, where it’s believed to have been used for various purposes, including promoting mental well-being.

Tse Mudra (Three Secrets Mudra) Meaning

That’s an interesting interpretation of the term “Tse” within the context of the Tse Mudra. The term “Tse” not having a direct English translation but signifying strength, power, courage, or resilience.

“Mudra,” as is a Sanskrit term referring to symbolic hand gestures in various spiritual and meditative practices. These gestures are believed to generate specific energies or facilitate the flow of energy within the body and mind.

Three Secrets Mudra

This Mudra, also known as the “Three Secrets Mudra” or “Adi Mudra,”.

The “Three Secrets” associated with the Tse Mudra can vary in interpretation. These secrets are sometimes linked to aspects of the mind, body, and spirit.

Here are some common associations that are sometimes linked to the “Three Secrets” of the Tse Mudra:

Mind, Body, and Spirit

The secrets might symbolize the interconnectedness and harmony of these three aspects of human existence. It could represent a holistic approach to well-being, emphasizing the importance of nurturing mental, physical, and spiritual health.

How to Do TSE Mudra?

Posture: Begin by finding a comfortable and stable sitting position, ensuring your spine is straight but relaxed.

Hand Placement: Place your hands on your thighs with palms facing up.

Thumb Positioning: Position the tips of your thumbs at the base of the little fingers on both hands.

Hand Gesture: Encircle the thumbs with all four fingers of each hand while taking slow and deliberate inhalations through your nose.

Breathing and Chanting: Hold your breath after inhaling and silently chant ‘Om’ seven times in your mind. This step combines breath control and a meditative mantra for focus and relaxation.

Exhalation: Slowly exhale while drawing in the abdominal wall. Simultaneously, open your hands, visualizing and intending the release of worries, stress, fear, and anxiety from your body as you exhale.

Benefits Of Tse Mudra

Balances the Water Element

This Mudra is associated with regulating the water element within the body. In Ayurveda and yogic philosophy, each finger is believed to be associated with an element, and the little finger represents the water element. By performing the Tse Mudra, which involves touching the tip of the thumb to the tip of the little finger while keeping the other fingers extended, it’s thought to balance the water element in the body.

Balancing the water element can potentially have effects on bodily functions related to water, such as those involving the bladder and kidneys.

Good for Meditation

The combination of the Tse Mudra with deep breathing and chanting can significantly enhance meditation practices. Deep breathing helps to calm the mind and relax the body, and aids in concentration and mental clarity.

Alleviates depression and Anxiety

The Tse Mudra, like many mindfulness practices, is believed to have calming effects that can potentially benefit individuals dealing with anxiety or depression.

Alignment of chakras

Tse mudra in meditation is believed to stimulate energy flow within the body, aiding in the alignment of chakras or energy centers.


Tse mudra, a hand gesture, along with focused breathing and mindful awareness, can help in centering oneself and calming the mind. This may alleviate some symptoms of stress, anxiety or depression by promoting relaxation and a sense of inner peace.


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