Visualization Meditation

Visualization Meditation is nothing much different. In each article, I keep telling about the benefits of meditation for a happy and prosperous life. Many of our ancestors believe that whatever happens to us is due to the vibes we send to the universe via our imagination. Well, many people and I agree to it, we are the result of our thinking. We are the creators of our destiny. Positive thinking leads to a positive life, and Negative thinking leads to nothing but problems.

Now let’s understand Visualization Meditation and how it can help you achieve your goals and happiness.

A standout amongst the most motivating and ground-breaking things you can do as an individual is to imagine. Imagine what it is that you need to show, and after that, visualize in continuous in your mind. The intensity of the brain is shocking and, when combined with care based practices like contemplation, you can expand your capacity to make a long ways toward making the existence of you genuinely want.

Visualization Meditation is engaging apparatuses to upgrade cognizance and mindfulness and to focus the brain. Its practice is a robust method for bringing positive vitality into your mind, body, soul and, inner spirit, growing your ability for innovations. Contemplation and perception encounters will fluctuate. It is best to relinquish desires and surrender to your very own internal shrewdness.

Steps to Practice Visualization Meditation

There are many ways to practice Visualization Meditation, and some of them are known as Tonglen, Chöd, Shamatha, Metta, etc.

I’ll guide you to the easiest one which will make you feel blessed and alive.

How to perform Visualization Meditation

  • Sit in a very comfortable position such as
    Sukhasana where you can let your body set free to meditate without interruptions and disturbance.
  • Breathe like usual and set your mind open to wander and visualize.
  • Now you’ve two options, either visualize by yourself or imagine what is being told to you. Both will help you in achieving great concentration levels.
  • While envisioning by yourself try to focus on the goals you always wanted to meet and feel positive about it. Keep focusing on it and feel it as if you’re living it for real.
  • Talking about second practice then you have to set your mind free to have thoughts but also make sure to pull it back to concentrate on your breaths. Moving our brains from fixation practice to examination practice, start by inferring somebody in your life which is anything but challenging to cherish. This may be a dear companion or tutor. Someone you’re crushing over. Some materialist stuff which can make you feel best. Welcome what you adore to sit before you. In your imagination, envision their facial highlights, how that they hold their body. Notice how it feels to be in their essence and any satisfaction, warmth, or delicacy that they summon.
    You can also go for traveling to the place which gives you a calm and soothing feeling. Imagine as if you’re living it for the very real.
  • After envisioning it, just through positive energy about it. Like if you’ve met some human, send him your warmest greetings. Wish all the happiness and great fortune. Positive feeling transmission always leads to great results.
  • Now slowly come back to your breathing. Focus on each of your breath. Feel calm and pleasant and slowly open your eyes.

Benefits of Visualization Meditation

  • It enhances your execution and encourages you to achieve your potential
  • It can enable you to defeat anxiety. In case you’re feeling restless around a forthcoming discourse, envision yourself giving the best most paramount lecture ever
  • It brings delight into your life. Thinking about the stuff and people we like and want around- makes us happy, and feeling the same as if you’re living it, leaves you confident and joyous.
  • It can start motivation. Always considering composition will expand your odds of really doing it. The visuals could rouse a storyline that drives you to make a move.

Bottom line

Start practicing it daily and witness the great results as our mind achieve things before our body can do. So train it well.


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