Revitalize Your Mind and Body 7 Yoga Poses to Alleviate Stress in 2024

Cat Pose

– It makes your spine gain more flexibility. – It improves the digestive system using massaging the digesting organs. – It improves the blood circulation in the body which relaxes the mind. – It also strengthens shoulders, arms as well as wrists. – It helps in relieving backache. – It stretches the entire back as well as abdominal muscles.

Child Pose

– It helps in relieving constipation. – It calms down the nervous system and lymphatic system. – It quiets the mind and helps in easing stress. – It relaxes back muscles, making body flexible and helps in getting rid of dizziness and fatigue. – It increases the blood circulation in the brain which reduces a headache and relieves tension.


– This pose improves the circulation of blood in legs, torso as well as brain which provides vital nutrients to the facial skin, scalp and even eyes and ears. – It strengthens thighs and knees and helps in relieving stress trapped in them.


– It promotes inner calm. – It helps in achieving a sense of relief and concentration towards mental peace. – It eliminates anxiety and helps in relieving mental and physical exhaustion.

Bridge Pose

– It strengthens back muscles and provides good stretch to chest, neck and spine. – It helps in removing belly as well as body fat. – It regulates the thyroid gland which results in removing emotional complications due to imbalanced work of this gland. – It reduces stress by improving blood circulation.

Cow Pose

1. It massages the organs and stimulates them to create emotional balance. 2. It helps in relieving stress and achieve calmness of the mind.

Corpse Pose

– It provides body relaxation and takes away the tension built into back, spine, shoulders, knees, and elbows. – It puts the body at ease and emphasizes on total relaxation of the body. – It quiets the nervous system of all the thoughts and hence helps in achieving lower blood pressure.