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Effective Yoga for Glowing Skin: 7 Poses to Try

Yoga can be beneficial for skin health by promoting overall wellness and reducing stress levels. There are various benefits of Yoga that can’t be summed up in one article. However, we present you with different asanas which relate to our skin in this article. Yoga helps in achieving healthy and glowing skin, and here we explain  Yoga for glowing skin. These asanas will help you in getting beautiful and radiant skin.Here are some yoga poses that may help improve skin health:



The Cobra Pose is considered to be among the most versatile yoga poses which have great health benefits. It is a useful backbend that strengthens, flexes, and tones the spine. It also makes the reproductive and digestive systems more effective and efficient. It opens up the chest and reduces fatigue and tension in the body. Thus, it helps in providing extra oxygen supplies which helps you in getting rid of toxins that have accumulated in the body. This rejuvenates the skin and freshens it up.



It is among the most therapeutic asanas, and it helps in curing diseases and also enhances the working of various organs, glands, and the system. This asana requires focus but helps in attaining it too. This pose reverses gravity’s effects. Inversions are considered to be the best way to increase facial radiance and plump the skin as well as reduce wrinkles. It supplies more oxygen to the skin. This pose sends more blood to the brain which helps in nourishing the body and the skin at a much deeper level and hence makes you look younger. It is considered the best anti-aging exercise which provides immediate results.



Trikonasana helps you realize the importance of the legs and their health in the body. It instills stability, expansion, and evenness in the body and makes you feel better in your lower body part. This pose offers equilibrium of both the mind and the body and reassures the steadiness of the limbs. It opens up the chest and lungs along with the heart which provides more oxygen which refreshes your body and your skin. Repeating this on both sides helps to get radiant skin by increasing the blood circulation to the skin.



By practicing this asana on a regular basis not only rejuvenates the body but also nurture it. It increases the flow of blood as well as suppleness in the thoracic and lumbar regions of the body. It also releases stress and tension in the neck and the throat. With halasana regular practice, the breath is also streamlined. This pose boosts the blood circulation in the entire body and also provides essential nourishment to different organs. It also helps with sleeping problems like insomnia and restless sleep. Good sleep is essential for glowing and radiant skin, and this pose helps in attaining it.



Meaning cooling down in Sanskrit, this breathing technique is quite beneficial. Sheetali helps in relieving the mind from hypertension effectively. It also eases the stress levels and keeps the anxieties away ensuring good health. Stress-free body is ideal for healthy skin. It also provides a cooling effect which makes the skin glow.



It is calming and restorative pose which relaxes as well as rejuvenates the body. The backstretch relaxes the spinal column. Balasana also calms the muscles and thus helps in alleviating pain especially in the neck, back, and shoulders. The knees are also stretched as well as relaxed which means the tendon, joints, and muscles are healed and make their functioning better. This relaxation effect helps in preventing acne as well as other skin related diseases.



According to both modern science and yoga, the spinal cord is the most subtle as well as an important part of the body. This asana focuses on the spinal column, and when it is done with the full intent, it strengthens as well as flexes the back. It relaxes the body and makes you stay aware of the body stretch. It brings out harmful toxins which help in attaining naturally glowing skin.


These yoga for glowing skin asanas are quite beneficial in an overall sense, not just for the skin. They provide relaxation of the body, improvement of organ functioning, increasing blood flow and circulation, and removing stress as well as sleep-related problems. All these benefits rejuvenate the body and help in getting radiant and beautiful skin.

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