Guava Goodness 11 Incredible Health Benefits Revealed in 2024

Good For Diabetics

Ripe green guava helps in reducing blood sugar. Guava prevents diabetes due to its rich fiber content and low glycemic index. Apart from this, guava contains less sugar as compared to other fruits like banana, apple, orange. Some studies involving humans found that drinking guava leaf tea after meals reduced blood sugar levels.

Reduced weight

Guava helps you lose weight by controlling your metabolism, without reducing your protein, vitamin and fiber intake. The weight loss properties of guava can be attributed to its fiber content. It also does not contain cholesterol and digestible carbohydrates are found in very small quantities.

Oral care

Not only guava, but chewing guava leaves also freshens the breath and strengthens the gums. You can grind the leaves and make a paste and apply it on the gums or teeth. Drinking guava leaves tea after meals cures toothache, throat pain, gum disease etc.

Increase eyesight

Guava also contains Vitamin A like carrots, which is a good source for healthy eyes, it improves eyesight. Along with this, it also strengthens the eye muscles. Deficiency of vitamins, minerals and calcium can lead to cataracts and many other types of eye diseases. You should also include guava in your diet. Vitamin A present in it will help in improving eyesight.

Cold and cough

Guava contains Vitamin C in abundance and Vitamin C can reduce the risk of cold and cough. At the same time, Vitamin C also increases immunity. Therefore, it is important to consume guava, but keep in mind that do not drink water after eating guava.

Rich in Vitamins

Be it physical development, maintaining weight balance, increasing immunity, improving skin or growing hair, intake of vitamins is necessary in every respect. Guava, the winter fruit, is also available in abundance. Guava contains vitamins A, C, K, D, B6 and B12. Vitamin C is essential for immunity and Vitamin A is essential for eyes, stomach, skin and respiratory system. Pregnant women are in great need of Vitamin B6 present in guava.