Revitalize Your Joints 5 Powerful Yoga Poses for Knee Pain Relief

Bridge Pose

Setu Bandhasana is the important supine yoga poses that are helpful in the treatment of knee pain, thyroid, back pain, neck pain, problems related to the nervous system and many more. It is effective in relaxing the body and reducing stress.


Malasana yoga is also known as Garland pose or Upavesasana. This is just a squat down position. Malasana (garland pose) is a deep squat that helps to makes your legs strong and lean and strengthens your knees, ankles, and thighs. Apart from this, it opens your hips, groin, lower back, and digestive system.


The benefits of Makarasana (Crocodile Pose) for back, knee pain, joint pain, shoulder problems and provide mental peace of all age,  reducing stress and anxiety, regulating blood pressure.

Warrior Pose

This pose is excellent for the overall vitality and strengthening of the body when it comes to our knee pain. This asana has its roots with mythology: Virabhadr is the name of the fierce warrior (an incarnation of Shiva) having thousand heads, eyes and feet.

Hero Pose

Virasana improves blood circulation in the feet and relieves tired feet. It is a good yoga for back pain and knees to move. and also helps in treating flat feet. It has many other benefits. This asana is very important in Hatha Yoga because by doing this asana, spiritual power is developed.