5 Elements of Successful Yoga Practice

In Hathapradipika, Sadhaka & Badhaka Tattva in yoga practice have been described. Out of which, the Sadhak (seeker) should follow the Sadhak-Tattva by renouncing the Badhaka Tattva or obstructing elements.

Sadhak tattva is basically a way of life on the yoga path, which tells you how to become successful (sadhak) in the yoga path.

According to Hathapradipika Sadhak-Tattva:

उत्साहात्‌ साहसाद्‌ धैर्यात्‌ तत्वज्ञानाच्च निश्चयात्‌।
जनसंगपरित्यागात्‌ षडभियोंगः प्रसिद्दयति: || 1/16

Six elements that lead to the perfection of yoga

Utsah – Enthusiasm
Sahas – Courage
Dhairya – patience
Tattva-gyana – the understanding of Purusha and Prakruti (the Self and Non-Self)
Dridh-nischay – positiveness
Jansangha-parityag- public-abandonment

Utsah – Enthusiasm

It is necessary to have a state of mind in the form of enthusiasm in order to engage in yoga practice. Being passionate and excited with an enthusiastic mind, all the organs get inspired to work in spiritual practice by communication of life force in the body, mind, and senses. Therefore, an enthusiastic state of mind is the key to success in yoga practice. Also gives you a positive, and often more grateful, perspective.

Sahas – Courage

Courage should also be a quality in the path of yoga practice. Courageous Sadhaka or seekers can challenge difficult activities of yoga like Vastradhauti, Khechri, Sirshasan, Pranayama, etc. An already fearful seeker cannot proceed toward the path of Yoga Kriyas.

Dhairya – Patience

Yoga seekers should have patience. The seeker should patiently solve the obstacles of the world or the calamities of the internal level with the advice of the Guru.

Tattva-gyana – the understanding of Purusha and Prakruti

Before walking on the path of Yoga, it is necessary that the seeker should acquire knowledge through scriptures and Guru’s teachings. In the absence of proper knowledge, time will also be wasted in meditation and different types of obstacles will arise and distract the mind.

Dridh-Nischay – positiveness

A sense of determination is necessary before starting any worldly work. Where there is laxity in determination, there the path will be obstructed. Therefore, before engaging in the path of yoga practice, the feeling of determination is very essential.

Jansangha-Parityag- public-abandonment

Too much public contact leads to a loss of physical and mental energy. More public relations are discarded for yoga meditation.

According to the Yogasutra Sadhak-Tattva:

“Maitrikarunamuditopekshanasukhduhkhapunyapunyavishayanam bhavnataschittaprasadanam” yo.su1/33

Friendship, compassion, happiness, and indifference – these four types of feelings also purify the mind. And is capable of controlling instincts. There should be a feeling of friendship among well-to-do men, a feeling of kindness towards unhappy people. A pious soul should create a feeling of happiness in men and a feeling of indifference in men with the nature of doing sinful deeds. These feelings purify the mind. A pure mind soon attains concentration.


Sadhak-Tattva or the habits that promote success in yoga, help a Yogi to attain the Nirruddha state of Raja Yoga known as Sadhak Tattva.


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