Yoga is a great physical activity which can get your blood flowing, break up all the stagnant energy and allow your energy to easily flow through your body so that you can get focused, feel more energized and take on any task that you want without any hassles. Let’s look at the top 10 yoga poses for beginners.

1. Downward Facing Dog

Adho Mukha Savasana is an actual inversion as the head is below the heart. The inversion performs wonders in order to increase the circulation in the body and boost energy. The heart needs to work a little bit harder in this particular yoga pose, and in return, it will energize the body as well as reduce the fatigue.

Spend a minute in this pose to really get the best out of this yoga to achieve energizing benefits. If the arms of your body are fatigued, drop to the Table pose during one breath and then return to this pose. You don’t have to remain still in this pose. In fact, you can find movement in order to boost your energy. There aren’t any right or wrong movements, so you need not to worry.

There are few variations of yoga poses for beginners that you can try.

  • Bend each of your knees in order to stretch the calves as well as the hamstrings.
  • Take the three-legged variation by means of lifting one of your legs.
  • Come onto your toes and then stretch the feet.
  • Gently press your chest towards the toes in order to open the shoulders as well as the chest.

2. Low Lunge

It stimulates both the mind as well as the body as it requires both concentration and strength to achieve the balance in this pose. It stretches the hips as well as the psoas and also releases all the stagnant energy in the heart space and also increases the blood circulation.

Try holding this position for at least 30 seconds on each of your sides. In case you become fatigued then drop the back knee to the floor for one breath and then return to the posture. It is a great yoga to strengthen as well as stretch the lower body along with gently warming your spine and also opening the heart. You can also straighten into the back leg or even bring a bit of a bend to the back knee in case you feel any kind of pressure in the lower back.

There are various variations that you can try.

  •  Drop your back knee and then lean forward in order to open the psoas and the hips.
  •  Bring the hands to the front thigh in case the arms are getting fatigued.
  •  Bring a gentle backbend with your extended arms or even bent elbows.
  •  Try a gentle twist by means of bring your hands to the center of your heart and then bring the left elbow to the right knee’s outside. Make sure that you repeat this on both sides.

3. Table Top Pose

It will not only warm up the shoulders as well as activate the core but also provide you with an opportunity to become well aware of the spine. You need to envision how the chakras of your body align with the spine as well as the energy which they can essentially bring to the body. You can use this pose to gently move as well as awaken the energy all the way through your spine.

Hold this position for one minute. In case you require a quick reset then simply go to Child’s pose for one breath and then return to this pose. It has various different options which can stimulate as well as move the body, which works the energetic channels all along the spine. You can bring the organic movements into this particular pose, simple wag your hips or even circle the torso or perform anything that feels good to you.

You can try different Yoga Poses for Beginners variations too.

  •  Inhale and then move to the Cow Pose, by opening the chest and moving your spine.
  •  Exhale and then move to Cat pose by rounding your spine and inviting them back to open.
  •  Drop your hips to the right side of the floor to feel a bit of an opening in the right hip and then repeat on the left.
  •  Add simple and gentle side bends by means of drawing the right shoulder toward the right hip and then repeat on the left side.
  • In case you are sitting on a computer all day, then place the back of the palms on the floor with all of your fingers facing the body in order to get a gentle stretch to your wrists.

4. Hero’s Pose

It stretches the knees, feet, ankles, and legs that help in boosting the circulation as well as energy in your tired legs. This pose is a great pose for meditation and conscious breathwork which helps in clearing the mind.

Remain in this pose for at least one minute. You are free to sit on any blanket or a block if it is too intense for the knees. It provides the practitioner with different variations to practice which depends on the requirement of the day. Make sure that you remember that it is a big stretch for your knees, so you need to adjust accordingly. In case you want this pose to be more gentle then spread your knees a little wide to deepen and then bring your knees closer together.

  • You can also try different variations of this pose.
  • Remain seated in this pose and then practice pranayama or mediate.
  • You can add stretch to the back by placing the hands on the knees as you round the spine and drop the chin to the chest.
  • In case you wish to continue to stretch as well as open the body’s front then slowly recline onto the forearms and then go for a fully reclined position and grab the opposite elbows overhead.

5. Camel Pose

We know that the backbends are quite popular to energize the body as they provide us with the opportunity to be open as well as vulnerable and releasing most of the energy which is stored in the body.

Practice this pose for at least a minute. In case you don’t practice it, then work on prepping for this particular pose by means of pressing the palms into the low back and then open the heart without finding the complete backbend. It may not be a favorite Yoga Poses for Beginners for you but by slowly working toward allowing the heart to open is the main key. You should practice this posture with all the intention as well as focus on the breath. No matter which type of variation you take, you need to press the hips forward and then keep the glutes as well as core engaged to protect the lower back.

You can also try the following Yoga Poses for Beginners variations.

  •  You can place one block right next to each foot.
  •  Place the hands and on the low back gently to achieve backbend and then utilize the core to come to the center. Repeat this particular process as much as you want.
  • Take the one-armed variation by means of placing one hand on the heel or the block and then place the other hand on the heart.
  • In case this pose or any backbends are part of the daily practice then try walking your both hands closer to the knees.

6. Child’s Pose

It is quite a restorative pose and an awesome counter pose after the Camel pose as it provides you with the opportunity to reset as well as calm the mind. It stimulates the third eye chakra by means of placing it on the floor to increase concentration, clarity as well as intuition.

Hold this particular posture for one minute. In case there is too much pressure on the knees, then you can put a folded blanked right underneath your knees or between the ankles as well as hips. It can be quite a restorative pose as well as an action pose with different variations to open along with awakening the body. You can also bring the knees closer towards each other or also touch and drape the torso over the thighs for a particularly gentler version or even spread the knees wider in order to open the hips.

You can also try different types of this pose.

  • Try to open the knees as wide as the yoga mat in case your hips are quite tight.
  • Walk the fingertips to the floor’s right side to achieve a side body stretch on the left side. Repeat this on the left.
  • Bring the right arm under the extended left arm in order to “thread the needle” which will open the right shoulder. Now repeat this on the left.
  • Make this a more active pose by means of pressing your fingertips into the floor and then lift the forearms off the floor.

7. Locust Pose

As a backbend, it has a similar opening of heart and release of energy like Camel Pose. It also strengthens the back and even counteracts any type of stress or fatigue resulting from a poor pose or sitting a long time on a desk.

It is an awesome yoga pose for both beginners as well as advanced practitioners to practice for at least one minute. Also, you don’t have to hold this pose for an entire minute, you can simply work on one or any other variations.

It offers different variations to not only strengthen the back but also energize the entire body. You can explore different variations of this pose which are mentioned below.

  •  Bend your elbows as you keep inhaling and lift your chest and then keep exhaling and then release.
  • In order to add more intensity to this pose, you extend also extend your arms in your front as you keep inhaling and lifting the chest as well as the arms.
  •  Clasp the hands behind the low back for opening the shoulder.
  •  Try to lift the legs along with the arms and the chest.

8. Plank Pose

Plank Pose it strengthens the arms, spine and the core which helps you in stretching as well as releasing the tension which is on your lower back. When you are able to release all the tension in the body, it will boost the energy as well as the mood.

Hold this particular pose for at least a minute and then drop to the knees for few breaths in case you need it.

There are different creative variations of this pose so you should try to explore your own type of variations of this particular pose. You can try the below-mentioned Yoga Poses for Beginners variations.

  • Hold the high plank and then alternate lifting each of your foot for one complete breath.
  •  Practice the side plank on both of your sides.
  •  Drop down to the forearms for Forearm side plank or Forearm plank.
  •  In case you want a challenge, then try a spinal balance in the high plank by trying to extend one arm forward and then the opposite leg backward.

9. Warrior Pose

 Warrior poses it helps in boosting energy by means of increasing both circulations as well as energizing the tired arms along with the legs. The stamina and the power gained by holding this particular posture will motive as well as inspire the inner warrior within yourself.

Hold this particular pose for 30 seconds on each of your sides. In case the front leg gets fatigued, then simply straighten your leg for one breath and then return to the pose. Since you have to keep the legs strong as well as aligned while practicing this yoga, you can explore various variations with the upper body.

  •  You can play with Cow pose or Cat pose movements in the spine.
  •  You can practice reversed warrior for some breaths.
  •  You can also clasp all of your fingers above the tailbone and then take a simple shoulder opener as well as a backbend.

10. Chair Pose

This pose translates to fierce pose in Sanskrit. It channels the fierce energy as it tones as well as strengthen the entire body.

Practice this yoga poses for beginners for at least a minute while focusing on the breath and then coming into the pose Tadasana whenever you require a break. It is a great pose for different variations. Try to feel free to search for movement or stillness while you are practicing this yoga. In case the arms get fatigued, then bring the palms together right in front of the chest.

You can also try different Yoga Poses for Beginners variations.

  • Take a gentle and simple twist on both of your sides by practicing Revolved Chair Pose.
  • You can try to lift the hip and then a balance of the tiptoes.
  •  In order to add more intensity, you can stay on the toes and then slowly drop your hips towards the heels but don’t allow them to touch.
  • You can test the balance and lift one foot at any given time.

All these ten yoga poses for beginners and their different variations provide you with an effective and quick way to boost the energy as well as productivity. Try these yoga poses at least a few minutes during the way to move your body as well as to clear the mind.