About Balasana (Child Pose) Yoga:

The name balasana is derived from sanskrit words bala means child and asana means posture. It provides physical, mental and emotional relief. It is useful in relieving back, shoulder, neck and hip strain. It stretches your lower back and arms and relaxes your entire body.It is easy to follow and highly beneficial. If perfectly performed, the body faces the floor in foetal position (thus the name). It is also called Garbhasana and Shashankasana. promotes positive feelings, transporting you back to your childhood days and stripping you off ill feelings and arrogance.

Steps of Balasana (Child Pose) Yoga:

1. Begin with sitting down on your heels and keep your hips on the heels.

Balasana Child Pose Yoga Steps Benefits Precaution

Balasana Step 1

2. Now, lower your forehead to the floor while exhaling deeply.

3. Keep the arms alongside your body. Keep your hands overhead and palms facing up. Relax your elbows completely.

Balasana Child Pose Yoga Steps Benefits Precaution

Balasana Step 2

4. Now, bring your hands at the back alongside your thighs and the head touching the ground.

Balasana Child Pose Yoga Steps Benefits Precaution

balasana step 3

5. Breath gently while holding this pose for about 1 to 2 minutes.

6. Finally come back to the original position slowly while exhaling.

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Benefits of Balasana (Child Pose) Yoga:

1. It relieves constipation.

2. It calms down your nervous system.

3. It relaxes your back muscles.

4. It is helpful in dizziness and fatigue.

5. It relaxes your spine, shoulders and neck.

6. It increases the blood circulation to your head which in turn reduces headache.

7. It makes your body flexible.

8. It encourages strong and healthy breathing.

9. It is very helpful in diabetes.

Precaution of Balasana (Child Pose) Yoga:

1. Avoid this pose if you have any back or knee injury.

2. Pregnant women should not try this pose.

3. This pose should not be performed if suffering from diarrhea.

4. Avoid this asana in case of ankle problems.

5. Persons suffering from high blood pressure, eye or ear infection should not try this asana.