Balance The Root Chakra

Yoga and Mudra are also practiced to balance the chakras. And a balanced chakra enables our system to function in a stable, balanced manner, both physically and emotionally. There are seven basic chakras in our body. Each of the seven chakras has its own consciousness. Out of the chakras, the Mooladhara chakra is considered to be the first. Some yoga asanas include methods that can balance the Mooladhara chakra. Here are some 5 Yoga Poses to Balance The Root Chakra and increase energy.

The Mooladhara or Root Chakra, known as Kundalini, is located at the base of the spine, is red in color and is represented by a yellow Chakra lotus. The Root Chakra distributes life energy to all other major and minor chakras. When the root chakra is balanced then the person is healthy and experiences complete health. And remains physically active and determined. Balance can be taken through yoga. There are many yoga postures based on Muladhara Chakra. So let’s know yoga poses for the Mooladhara or Root chakra.

Yoga Poses to Balance The Root Chakra

When yoga and mudra are practiced, the chakras become balanced and enable our system to function in a stable, balanced manner, both physically and emotionally. These include some yoga asanas:

1. Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

People can try this posture while standing on a yoga mat or other soft surface.

The mountain pose elevates your connection to the earth, connects you to your body, and establishes you in the present moment.

How to do it-

Stand upright and keep some distance between the legs.
Now take a deep breath, raise both your arms above the head, and tie your fingers together.
Keep hands straight and stretch.
Stand on your toes while raising your heel.
During this time, your body should feel stretched from feet to fingers of hands.
Now exhale and come to your initial state.

While performing this asana, you have to be stable on the ground and connect to the earth so that energy can flow in the body.

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Warrior Pose (Virabhadrasana)

Virabhadrasana is a strong posture that creates a firm connection between the earth and your body. This yoga posture gives mobility to your whole body, empowering the first chakra. It physically strengthens your legs, opens your hips, and can help provide strength to the knees and lower back.


How to do it-

start with the Mountain Pose or Tadasana.
Now keep your legs around four feet apart from each other.
Keep in mind that there should be a distance of at least 3 to 4 feet between the two legs.
Now raise your arms parallel to the floor and turn your head to the left.
Then turn your left foot 90 degrees to the left and bend your left knee. The angle of hips and arms should be the same i.e. 180 degrees.
Stay in this position for 30 – 60 seconds.

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Setu Bandhasana Yoga (Bridge Pose)

It is an energetic Moola Chakra Yoga pose that sets your feet firmly in the earth and propels your spine to release an excessive amount of Muladhara Chakra energy. Setu Bandhasana also stimulates the throat chakra, opens the heart and solar plexus chakras, and balances the sacral chakra.

Setu Bandhasana

How to do it-

Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet together and keep your arms alongside the body and palms on the ground. Breathe normally.
Now exhale and lift your hips towards the ceiling while keeping your palms and feet on the floor.
Now slowly move your hands above your head while inhaling.
Remain in this pose for about 30-60 seconds and inhale normally.
Bring your hands in their original position while inhaling.
Again lie you back on the ground while exhaling.

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Garland Pose(Malasana)

A fabulous pose brings you close to the earth, joy, and inner calm. it associated with grounding, vitality, and stability.


How to do it-

First of all, bend your knees and sit in the position in which you sit while defecating.
After sitting, rest the armpits of both your hands on both knees.
Now combine the palms of both hands to create a greeting posture.
After this, slowly inhale through the nose, then slowly exhale.
Sitting in the same position for a while.
Now slowly open the arms and stand back and stand.

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Lotus Pose (Padmasana)

This pose grounded with yourself feels safe and connected to your roots. it also reduces muscular tension and brings blood pressure under control.

How to do it-

Sit on the mat to do the cross leg.
Straight your backside. Move both legs in front of you. Bring slowly your right leg at your left leg using your both hands. Try to touch the right leg ankle to your navel. if you are not comfortable doing this try to do gradually don’t force.
Now move the Left leg to create a cross leg position. Try to touch your left leg ankle to the navel. Make sure your spine is erect.and your head is straight.
bring your both hand at your knees at looking upward for creating Gyan mudra.
Close your eyes and deep Inhale and exhale with focusing your breathing.

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