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Apr 19, 2021
7 Powerful Beauty Habits for Slow Aging

We cannot stop our age from growing because it is a natural law that cannot be stopped even by want.[…]

Mar 19, 2021
Effective Homemade Pregnancy Test Using Sugar, Salt, And Toothpaste

Although there are many Pregnancy test kits in the market, women have been using homemade pregnancy tests for many decades.[…]

Mar 17, 2021
5 Reasons to Sleep on The Left Side

Many health experts and our elderly people often advise that you should sleep on the left side is good for[…]

Mar 15, 2021
Are There Any Benefits Of Rose Water for the face?

Rosewater is made by soaking rose petals in water. Rosewater is commonly used for perfumes, food, cosmetics, religious and medicinal[…]

Mar 13, 2021
What happens when you put ghee in the nostrils?

Ghee is also very beneficial for health as well as enhancing the taste of Indian food. Especially Desi cow's ghee[…]

Mar 12, 2021
What are the benefits when you sleep with onion in socks?

Whether to increase the taste of food or the elegance of salad, everything is incomplete without onion. Probably everyone knows[…]

Mar 06, 2021
21 Homemade Face Mask Using Natural Ingredients

A homemade face mask made with natural ingredients can quickly resolve common facial problems and bring a natural glow. Is[…]

Mar 03, 2021
21 healthy habits for a healthier life

There is an endless list of healthy habits for a healthier life that we could follow, but in this article,[…]

Feb 27, 2021
Amazing benefits of chewing gum you need to know

Some people chew chewing gum as an amateur, some people resort to it to pass the time, but do you[…]

Feb 27, 2021
9 Most Significant Health Benefits Of Walking Daily

Do you know WHO recommends 10000 steps of walk daily? Do you believe it? Yes, a study suggests women 70[…]