Quit smoking

To successfully quit smoking, it is important to prepare yourself first. You have to convince yourself that what you are going to do is a good job and it is completely prohibited.

There is no doubt that your decision to quit smoking will prove beneficial for your health in the future. Not only this, the risk of life-threatening illness cancer, heart disease, or other conditions also decreases. And even so far, “smoking is the leading cause of frequent deaths and illnesses”.

Why do we start smoking

More and more youngsters start getting into the smoking hobby. For fun, then, later on, the same fun becomes an addiction.

At the same time, many people start smoking after drinking inspired by other people and there are many people who have misconceptions that smoking reduces tension.

The survey tells that currently 55% of smokers were thinking about quitting smoking, but failed to do so. But even though quitting smoking is a very difficult task but not impossible.

Eventually, smoking leads to addiction to nicotine, one of the chemicals in cigarettes, and non-smoking tobacco. But with the right approach, you can overcome cravings.

So what’s the best way to quit smoking?

Quitting smoking can add years to your life. Though the earlier the better, it’s never too late to quit. The benefits of quitting are real, even at the old age!

Set A Quit Date

You thought you would never smoke now and quit smoking. It’s not that easy. For quitting smoking, mark a date in the next few weeks, which gives you enough time to prepare.

The date needs to be shared with his family, co-workers, support groups, and counselors as well as therapists. With which they will encourage you for this and you will be proud of your decision.

Think Positive

Smoking relieves stress, so lack of smoking can increase negativity. This may be a few weeks too much. negativity can occur for three to four weeks.

Always think about the things that your experience has taught you and think about how exactly you are going to do this time.

‘Cold Turkey’

If you are considering quitting smoking ‘cold turkey’, then these are more challenging.

Some people go to cold turkey because they feel that it is not easy to quit smoking this way.

Although it may work for some people. When you stop taking smoking, there are severe symptoms and withdrawal symptoms.

Consider Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) for Quit Smoking

Cold turkey, or NRT, is a popular way to quit smoking. It can help you fight withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting smoking.

Nicotine is found in tobacco and cigarettes. Due to continuous consumption of cigarettes, some parts of the body become sensitive to it, due to which it is very difficult to quit tobacco or cigarettes. Nicotine replacement therapy is used to relieve it.

Another way to deliver nicotine to the body is called nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). NRT is used to get rid of smoking. Under this, nicotine chewing gums, sprays, inhalers, patches, etc. are given, but the easiest and best method is chewing gum.

E-cigarettes for quit smoking

E-cigarettes as tools for quitting or cutting down on smoking.

There is increasing evidence that e-cigarettes can help manage nicotine craving. Has stopped smoking.

However, a 2016 study found that e-cigarettes are less likely to stop smoking altogether.

Yoga, Mindfulness, and Meditation

Everyone is aware of the harm of smoking, but all prove to be very helpless in quitting this addiction. But recent studies have shown that yoga is a good way to avoid the side effects of smoking. Yoga and Pranayama improve lung conditions by eliminating the effects of smoking. Meditation and purification help to stimulate cells by removing toxins from the body. ‘


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