Yoga has numerous benefits that can essentially turn around your life. It can change the mental, physical and spiritual state of a person. There are various yoga asanas that you can practice to achieve a better mind and body. One of the most popular asanas is Trikonasana.

It resembles a triangle hence it is named so. Its name is from Sanskrit words, trikona meaning triangle, and asana meaning pose. This asana is quite known to stretch body muscles as well as improve the regular functions of the body. Unlike other yoga asanas that we know of, this asana requires you to keep the eyes while you are practicing in order to maintain balance.

Like other asanas, it is essential for you to keep your stomach as well as bowels empty when you practice this asana. Also, make sure that there is a gap of at least five to six hours between the meal and the practice. This will provide you enough time to not only digest your food but also generate energy for the practice.

This particular asana allows you to realize how much you often take legs for granted. Your legs are powerful as well as graceful. When you feel a bit disconnected with the lower part of your body, this asana can revive the faith you have in the lower body. This asana instills stability, expansion as well as evenness.

Trikonasana is a combination of various elements. It instills stability and strength in your legs and the feet and also expands the torso. When the arms and the legs are stretched out, it creates a form of evenness in the body. As you balance arms, legs, and torso, your mind becomes steady and even. As your mind extends to the further points, you turn towards your inner awareness where the true experience of yoga begins.

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How to do Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

  1. First, you need to stand upright and then place the legs about three to four feet apart.
  2. Ensure that your right foot is perfectly placed outside at ninety degrees while the left foot is placed at fifteen degrees.
  3. Now align your right heel’s center with the center of your left foot’s arch.
  4. You have to remember that the feet are pressing the ground as well as the weight of the body is equally balanced on both feet.
  5. Now inhale deeply and as you start exhaling, bend the body to the right from your hips making sure that your waist remains straight. Lift the left hand up and allow the right hand to touch the ground. Make sure that both arms form a straight line.
  6. Depending on the comfort level you have, rest the right hand on the ankle, shin or even outside the right foot. It doesn’t matter where you put your hand, just make sure that you don’t distort your waist’s sides. Now quickly check on the left arm. It should be properly stretched out towards the top of the room and should be in line with the top of the shoulder. Allow your head to sit in a neutral position or rather turn it to the left direction keeping your gaze set on the left palm.
  7. The body should remain bent sideways instead of forward or backward. The chest and the pelvis, both should be wide open.
  8. Now stretch as much as you can and focus on stabilizing the body. Take long and deep breaths. While you exhale, make sure that each time you try as well as relax your body more.
  9. Now inhale and then come up. Drop the arms to the sides and then straighten the feet.
  10. Repeat the same process using your left leg.

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6 Benefits Of Trikonasana

  1. It strengthens your ankles, knees, chest, arms, and legs.
  2. It opens up and stretches the hips, groins, hamstrings as well as calves, completely, along with the spine, chest, and shoulders.
  3. It increases mental as well as physical stability.
  4. Trikonasana improves digestion along with help in stimulating all of the abdominal organs. Please look yoga for anxiety
  5. It helps in reducing sciatica and back pain. It also acts as a therapy for osteoporosis, flat feet, infertility, and neck pain.
  6. It cures anxiety and reduces stress. Please look yoga for digestion


There are several things that you should always consider before practicing Triangle Pose.

  • In case you are suffering from neck problems then you shouldn’t look upward. Simply continue to look straight and ensure that both sides of the neck are elongated, evenly.
  • If you have the condition of high blood pressure, then you should look downwards rather than looking downwards.
  • If you have any heart-related issue, it is better to practice this pose against a wale while you place the top arm on your hip.
  • You should avoid this asana in case you have low blood pressure, headaches or diarrhea.


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