Tadasana or Mountain Pose or Samasthiti is the most basic Yoga pose. It often happens, when we talk about yoga poses Tadasana comes first in our mind. No matter who we are teaching or discussing, whether it be a child or old age, all can perform it, who is not disabled.

Yoga has been in our practice for ages. Moreover, it is proven that the benefits yoga has on the human body cannot be attained by any other physical activities. Tadasana is just that basic standing yoga pose asana that is easy to perform and carries various health benefits.

This asana resembles the base of most of the poses of yoga, from which alternate asanas rise. A large portion of the standing postures is moving in a specific piece of your body or an individual joint that spring from the Tadasana, while alternate parts stay impartial.

The practice of this asana comes in the category of Hatha Yoga. It has not strict rules of when to be performed. One can perform it anytime. However, if you’re seeking the best results from the asana then perform very early in the morning. This asana comes up with the best result when performed empty stomach. Or with the gap of 6 hours in meals.

Tadasana and Adho Mukha Savasana are a must asana pose for kids. Moreover, it is highly recommended in Kids Yoga Sessions these days. Many schools these days conduct various Yoga sessions to make the children aware of the benefits of the Yoga. Let’s look at the steps and benefits to understand more. And make people more aware.

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How To Do Tadasana or Mountain Pose

How to do Mountain pose ( Tadasana)
  • Stand straight and solid, and put your legs somewhat separated, with your hands hanging nearby your body.
  • Make your thigh muscles firm and lift the kneecaps and make sure that you do not tighten or harden your belly or any other part while performing the pose.
  • Reinforce the internal curves of your inward lower legs as you lift them.
  • Try envision a surge of white light (vitality) going through your lower legs, up to your internal thighs, crotch, spine, neck, as far as possible up to your head. Tenderly turn your upper thighs internal. Stretch the tailbone to such an extent that it is towards the floor. Lift the pubis with the end goal that it is nearer to the navel.
  •  Now, look slightly in upward directions.
  • Then take in and extend your shoulders, arms, and chest upwards. Raise your foot sole areas, ensuring your body weight is on your toes.
  • Feel the stretch in your body appropriate from your feet to your head. Hold the posture for a couple of moments. At that point, where you feel complete breathe out and get tired.
  • Increase the stretch timing from the beginning 10 seconds to 40 seconds.

Benefits of Tadasana or Mountain Pose

  • It increases Height. Also known as Palm tree pose, is outstanding amongst other Yoga stances to build tallness of the developing kids. Since it gives the most extreme stretch to the body from toes to fingers in this way supportive of the individuals who want to build his/her height.
  •  The pose gives the body the utmost stretch thus it is useful for nerves. It gives ideal extending to the nerves and muscles in this manner, it is supportive in working on the different arrangement of the body.
  • It treats problems like sciatica if performed nicely under proper instructions and guidance.
  • It is a must pose for all the students as it enhances the concentration and increases the mind sharpness. The pose lets you remain alert.
  •  The pose is are miraculous results for those who want to strengthen the legs. As the stretch comes from toes to ankle to shin bone to the thigh. So it helps in gaining the utter leg strength.
  • Tadasana helps in shedding the extra fat which is visible in the distinctive parts of the body.
  • Most people these days suffer from backache and that’s due to sitting for long hours or due to sitting in a bad posture. Tadasana helps in relieving from that pain.
  • It eventually helps in correcting the bad standing postures.
  • The yoga poses helping in toning and strengthening the hips, legs, and feet.
  • It builds mindfulness.
  • Steadies relaxing.
  • It Firms mid-region plus backside.
  • Creates quality and adaptability all the while, particularly in the spine.
  • It soothes pressure, throbs, and torments all through the body.
  • It helps in enhancing the blood flow.
  • Expands vitality and eagerness
  •  It eliminates dullness and depression. Moreover, harmonizes the body and mind.

Contraindications on Mountain Pose

  • This yoga present can’t be gain full to any individual who thinks that it’s hard to remain for long with feet together or something else.
  • The people who are suffering from a migraine or any type of headache will find it hard to perform.
  • People with backache and related problems should avoid this pose. However, they can perform it without giving much stress on the back.
  • People who suffer from sciatica should perform the pose under guidance. Since the effects can be adverse.
  • This asana is strictly prohibited for Pregnant Women.

Bottom Line

Tadasana is a basic level Yoga pose which is a must for all the students and growing child as it adds various benefits to healthy living. However, it is also restricted for few but most of the folks can perform it easily.

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