Kids Yoga

As parents, we are always concerned about physical and mental growth for your children’s. We bring different physical activity such as Dance, Swim no doubtfully they all are best for our kids. Here we create  A single eminent kids yoga activity for Physical and mental growth.

Best Kids Yoga Poses Activity for Preschool to Teenagers Kids

Well, kids are kids so we create an easy and effective yoga poses activity for our little kids and this kids activity can be practiced by preschool to teenagers kids for physical and mental benefits. According to science, every individual has a unique learning style so you can modify yoga sequence according to kids learning patterns.

Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga  Activity Step 1 – Namaste with Sukhasana

In this part of the activity, you can teach your kids first do Namaste and then Sukasna.

How to do

  • Join Kids Palm For Greetings.
  • Then Teach  Sukasana .

Benefits –

  • This will teach children How to do Greetings an amazing lesson of moral education.
  • Sukasana has physical benefits such as stretches ankle and knees.

Kids Yoga Activity Step 2 – Trikonasana

In this part of the activity, You can teach your kids how to do Triangle pose. It has amazing benefits such as growth because this improves digestion system.

How to do –

  • First, you need to stand upright and then place the legs about three to four feet apart.
  • Ensure that your right foot is perfectly placed outside at ninety degrees Read in details  Steps of Triangle pose

Kids Yoga Activity Step 3-Vrikshasana

In this activity, you can teach Kids Vkrasna (Tree Pose). It has many health benefits such as strong legs, improves concentration.

How to do –

  • First, you need to stand as erect as you can and drop the arms to both sides of your body.
  • Now slightly bend the right need and then move it and place it high up on the left thigh. Ensure that your sole is placed firm as well as flat on the thigh’s root.  Read in details Steps of Tree Pose

Kids Yoga Activity Step 4-Uttanasana

Utttanasna is called Standing Forward Bend.

How to do –

  • First, you need to stand as erect.
  • Exhale while bending forward slightly at a 90-degree angle, lengthening your torso.  Read in details Steps of Standing Forward bend 

Kids Yoga Activity Step 5-Vajrasana

Vajrasana is a firm, steady pose and those who practice it can’t be easily shaken.

How to do –

  • First, kids need to kneel down and stretch the lower legs backward while keeping them stick together. The big toes need to cross each other.
  • Now gently lower the body in the way that the buttocks rest on the heals and the thighs rest on the calf muscles  Read in details steps of vajrasna

Kids Yoga Activity Step 6-Mandukasna

Kids usually face abdominal problems Mandukasna and this pose digestive function.

How to do –

  • Sit in vajrasna .
  • Now, with kids hands, make a fist with the thumb tucked well inside kids four fingers Read  Steps to do frog pose

Kids Yoga Activity Step 7- Paschimottanasana

This asana work for head to body and very effective for the whole body of kids

How to do –

  • Sit down on your mat or bed with your legs stretched straight out in front of you. Point your toes towards the ceiling. Read  Steps to do Paschimottanansana

Conclusion – Above all yoga poses is very effective for kids and will make flexible, strong and increase in height.


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