Health Benefits Of Walking

Do you know WHO recommend 10000 steps of walk daily? Do you belevie ? Yes a study   suggest womens 70 years+ old  have less death ratio those walk daily approx 5000+ steps , Well, In this article, we mention significant Health Benefits Of Walking and plan routine.

Many people think they are young and walking is just for old no this wrong mythedoley .

Due to eating junk food, sitting work culture and pollution bringing in our body fatigued, obesity. Regular Walking not only naturally cure obesity but also have many health benefits.

How to plan routine

Usually, we tried our plan for the morning walk solely due to lack of commitment, and we rid off good habits.

  • Time – Normally we mention that due to the workload we don’t have time. Prominent businesspeople, celebrity, and politician committed for walking routine. You? You should set your time for the same at least you are doing for your self.
  • Morning routine -this is not necessary that we should pick morning routine you can choose your comfortable time.
  • Knot your shoes – Every new routine needs a new accessory, Set your walking routine with new shoe survey says people those started running method with new shoes only for walking stay long-term commitment for running routine.
  • Warm Up – Always start your walling routine after practicing warm up 5-10 minute exercises.
  • Gradually – No one achieves everything in one day don’t do 10000 steps in the first day. Pick a few steps and track with the pedometer and increase gradually.

Health Benefits Of Walking

  • Reduce Breast cancer chances – According to ACS publication that daily 15 minutes walking reduce the risk of breast cancer which is recently increasing in women.
  • Healthy heart:- It reduces cholesterol level and maintain a suitable flow of blood pressure. Chances for heart stork reduce.
  • Increase creativity – Research recommends that daily walk improve creativity. Look creativity walk publication
  • Improve immunity – one of the significant health benefits of walking those better immunity systems. If you are easily impacted cold, flue, due to week immunity systems. Don’t wait next morning knot your shoes and start for the walk this will strengthen your immunity systems.
  • Happy Mood & Happy family – Due to hectic workload and pollution usually our mood becoming off. The regular morning walk will help you’re feeling peaceful and happy mood increase bonding of family relation.
  • Dementia – We usually forgot where is our key to the car, mobile this is the symptom of decline memory dementia. Daily walking helps you prevent Dementia.
  • DepressionMeditation after morning walk will help you cure depression naturally.
  • Anti-Aging – It makes you younger. This can be the best prescription for anti-aging. Pharmacy company can’t create a medicine compare to daily walk which provides results for anti-aging.
  • Colon Cancer – interval walking help reduce the change of colon cancer.colon cancer publication

Bottom line – Set your alarm to bring fuel of motivation and start regular 10000 steps of walk this will not make you healthy, but also this will cut your medical cost.

Happy walking !!


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