Hanuman Chalisa

Hanuman Chalisa was written by Tulsidas a saint in 1497 -1623. it is a set of 4o poetry verses for Lord Rama worship. It’s believed by all Hinduism that chanting Hanuman Chalisa benefits can ward off negative energy.

Since childhood, we have been taught that if you feel disturbed or afraid of anything, then read Hanuman Chalisa. Doing this calms the mind, does not even feel afraid, and gets rid of many problems. Although it is popular all over India, it is very famous and popular, especially in North India. Hanuman Chalisa is very important in Hinduism, almost all Hindus have this guttural. Believe that the recitation of this Chalisa is not only related to religion and worship, but it is very good for giving you mental peace as well as your health.

The Word Hanuman Chalisa has a wonderful meaning. In Hinduism, Lord Hanuman is considered an icon of valor, devotion, and courage. Lord Hanuman, who is considered to be Rudravatar of Shiva. It is also known by the names Bajrangbali, Pawanaputra, Marutinandan, Kesari, etc. The word “Chalisa” was derived from the Hindi word “Chalis” which means forty (40). It represents 40 verses in the hymn.

The Story Behind Hanuman Chalisa

Hanuman Chalisa was composed by the great saint Goswami Tulsidas. Tulsidas was a devotee of Lord Rama and is considered an incarnation of Valmiki. It is believed that the 16th-century poet Tulsidas wrote Hanuman Chalisa in Awadhi language. The qualities and deeds of Hanuman, a great devotee of Lord Rama, are described in forty four-quarters.

Actually, Goswami Tulasidas wants to write this Chalisa in Sanskrit language but God Shiva orders him to write it in Avadhi language so the common man can understand it.

Goswami Tulasidas has written Hanumaan Chalisa in 40 days at Jail of Third Mughal Emperor Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar.

It is not just a Tulsidas idea but his unwavering faith. It was because of this belief that Aurangzeb took him captive. Sitting there, he wrote this Chalisa.

21 Powerful benefits of Hanuman Chalisa

Who does not know about Hanuman Chalisa dedicated to Lord Hanuman, This Chalisa composed by Goswami Tulsidas has the miraculous power that takes away our sufferings. But do you know what is the secret benefits of this miracle?

1. Freedom From Family Strife

If you do not see any solution for the family feud in your house then worship Hanuman Ji. Here you will get not only the power and the way to end the discord of your home. Reciting Hanuman Chalisa will also give you strength and the way to end discord.

2.To Ward Off Negative Energies

One the verses from Chalisa reads as “Bhoot Pichash Nikat Nahi Aaven, Mahavir jab Naam Sunave”

It translated to- No evil spirit can influence a person who takes the name of Lord Hanuman, that is, evil thinking does not catch him.

3.Force Semen Growth

Hanuman Ji is the most powerful and Mahavir, due to his attention the man is strong and semen.

4.Success in Efforts

“Bhima Roop Dhari Asura Sanhare, Ram Chandra’s Kaj Samvare”
The meaning of this Chaupai is that in the war between Sri Ram and Ravana, Hanumanji took the form of Bhima, that is, the giant form killed the demons and demons. Hanuman Ji made his significant contribution in completing Shriram’s work. Due to which all the work of Shriram was decorated.

5. Hanuman Chalisa Recitation Before Bedtime is Beneficial

If your mind remains restless, does not sleep properly, is afraid of sleeping alone, then you start reciting Hanuman Chalisa regularly.

The mental disturbance is a major reason for not sleeping well. The recitation of Hanuman Chalisa provides mental peace and liberates the mind-boggling weed which gives the person a good sleep and a chance to progress in life.

6.Strengthens Mars or Mangal

There is nothing to worry about if your horoscope Mars shows weak. For this, you only have to chant this text because it makes your Mars strong. You get fame, fame, prosperity, power, and happiness.

7.Reduce the Effects of Saturn

If a person is facing the crisis of Saturn, then Hanuman Chalisa of that person should be read. Shani Dev is afraid of Lord Hanuman. Those who are suffering from Sati Sati or due to the position of Saturn in their horoscope should recite Chalisa Chopahi to flee such defects. This brings peace to his life.

8.Build Confidence

If any kind of problem is not solved, difficulty or sorrow is not going away, then read this Chopahi. “Ashta Siddhi Navnidhi Ke Datha, As Bar Deen Janaki Mata”. This gives peace from inside and instills confidence in humans. Hanuman Chalisa helps in improving your personality and resolves all the problems in life in a better way.

9.Cure Illness

Nasai Rog Harai sub-Pira Japat Niranter Hanumat Bira“.
By chanting the name of Mahavir Shri Hanuman Ji, diseases are destroyed and they destroy all suffering.

Lai Sanjeevan Lakhan Jiaye Shri Raghubir Harshi.

Chanting this line can also get relief from severe diseases. If a person is suffering from a serious illness and the medicines are also not being affected, then he should chant this Chalisa or this line with devotion.

10.Driveaway Evil Spirits

Hanuman Ji was very powerful and he was not afraid of anyone. He destroys every evil spirit and frees people from it. People who get scared at night or have scary thoughts come to mind, they should recite Hanuman Chalisa daily.

11.Sharpen your Intellect

If your child does not remember anything read or work is a person of wisdom, then these four-footers should be read. These quadrupeds are done for learning and money. Hanuman Ji is learned and talented, and also clever. Any person who chants this Chaupi, like Hanumanji, gets knowledge, virtue, cleverness as well as devotion to Shri Ram.

12.The Feeling of Divine Bliss

“Vidhavaan Guni Ati Chatur, Ram Kaj Karibe ko Aatur”

By reading Hanuman Chalisa, one experiences divine bliss.
It is saying that when you feel that there is an outbreak of evil spirits at you or at your home, by reciting Lord Hanuman Chalisa, evil spirits can overcome. Evil spirits are always afraid of Lord Hanuman.

13.Get Rid of Sin

We sometimes make mistakes deliberately or unconsciously. But you can ask for his forgiveness by reading Chalisa.

14.Enjoy Safe Travel

It’s during the journey or before leaving home ensures that the journey will be good. Also, keep a small idol of Lord Hanuman with you and you will have seen the idol of Lord Hanuman standing in front of you in many vehicles. is. This is because it believes that Lord Hanuman can prevent accidents and ensure the success of the journey.

15. Create a Feeling of Positivity

The lesson and recitation of Hanuman Chalisa make us positive and destroys dirty and bad thoughts. It changes our emotions. Heals tremendously in stressful times.

16. Mental Strength

Along with physical comfort, mental rest is also very much needed. For mental peace, we should keep meditation on this Chalisa.

Believe that Hanuman Chalisa recitation is not only related to religious and worship, but it is very good for giving you mental peace as well as your health.

17. Spiritual Knowledge

We obtain divine spiritual knowledge by meditating on Hanuman Chalisa. It can be chanting to control your mind in terms of material desires and worldly pleasures.

18. To Fulfill All Wishes

By chanting or listening to Hanuman Chalisa with full devotion and meditation, all of the people’s intended wishes come true. The regular recitation of Chalisa greets you with the blessings of Hanuman Ji and gives you great powers.

19. End the financial crisis

Hanuman Ji is the donor of Ashtasidhi and Navnidhi. Whenever you face a financial crisis, start reciting this Chalisa by meditating on Hanuman Ji in your mind.

20. When fear is unknown

If someone is afraid of an unknown stranger, then he should wash his hands and feet before sleeping every night and start reciting Hanuman Chalisa with the holy mind. ‘Ghost vampires did not come near, Mahavira when the name was heard. It is told from this couplet that the person who recites this Chalisa regularly does not have ghosts and other negative powers around him.

21. Attained accomplishment

‘The benefits of chanting or listening to Hanuman Chalisa are infinite and incredible. Goswamiji said that Hanuman Chalisa has to be read. The further description has come, ‘Hoy Siddhi Sakhi Gourisa.’ Hoy Siddhi means Siddhi. Sakhi Gaurisa i.e. the oath of Shiva and Parvati. The meaning of saying is that if Sri Chalisa is read with reverence and faith, then accomplishment is attained.

Hanuman Chalisa FAQ

When to read Hanuman Chalisa?

It is famous Among the Hindus, Hanuman Chalisa read in the Brahma Muhurat (4 am-7 am) taking a bath. However, you can read this at night also..

How many times Hanuman chalisa be read in a day?

Well, many saints recommend that chanting mantra or sloka 1 lakh ( 100K) reciting gives you Anubhuti ( We can say sidhi ). You can target for 1 lakh lifetime by picking daily auspicious Hinduism numbers such as 11, 21, or 7. so we suggest reading daily 7 times Hanuman Chalisa is best.

Any miracle of Hanuman Chalisa reading?

diffrent people claim diffrent miracle . I am writing here my personal exp. I feel a miracle when I feel depress or having a health problem I start chanting Hanuman Chalisa its gives me the power to face the situation.

Which oil should be offered to Lord Hanuman?

Jasmin oil (Chameli) with sindoor offer to lord hanuman prior to chant hanuman chalisa.

Can hanuman chalisa be read by women?

Yes Women or men everyone can read hanuman chalisa. Sain Tulsidash Wrote “Jo Yeh Pade Hanuman chalisa hoye sidhi gorisa.” Means who read this will get benefits.

Precaution of reading Hanuman Chalisa

above many benefits of Hanuman Chalisa mentioned. however, you should avoid it if you are eating nonveg, women have periods time, watching Tv, talking on the phone. make sure you pronouncing all the verses properly.


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