Neroli Essential Oil

Neroli oil is an essential oil, also known as orange blossom oil. It’s derived from the flowers of bitter orange trees (Citrus aurantium var. Amara), which are grown mostly native to eastern Africa and tropical Asia. The oil is extracted by steam distillation of the flowers of an orange tree.

Neroli oil is believed to pack a powerful medicinal punch. It is packed with skin-nourishing vitamins and essential acids and is prized for its valuable healing benefits.

Neroli essential oil is often used as a carrier oil that is too intense to put on your skin directly.

Keep reading to learn more about how Neroli oil is valued as a safe skin care product, and how to add it to your soothing effect on mood and emotional wellness as well as used in aromatherapy.

How does Neroli oil work?

Neroli oil is an alternative and complementary medicine that contains the following composition

Terpinyl Acetate

Also contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that may help soothe agitated nerves, control emotions, and affects various biological functions of the body.

Additionally, the neroli oil aroma makes it a perfect ingredient in perfumes, creams, soap, shampoo, lotions, massage oils, and candles.

Benefits of Neroli essential oil

Neroli Essential Oil is intensely floral, citrusy, sweet, and exotic that has been used for centuries. The oil is highly concentrated and appreciated when enjoyed in very low dilutions. It has a ton of different health benefits, making it a popular oil in herbal medicine and aromatherapy. Keep reading to learn more about the various benefits of Neroli oil.

Lowers Inflammation & Pain

The anti-inflammatory properties of neroli oil may make it beneficial for managing pain and inflammation. Neroli contains biologically active constituents, making it beneficial for topical and internal use and may reduce inflammation and irritation.

Good for depression

Neroli essential oil can help people who suffer from chronic depression. This is one of the reasons why it is so popular in aromatherapy. When sniffed, neroli oil can lift your spirits, help the brain release serotonin, and drive away all feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and emptiness. It replaces them with feelings of calmness, peace, and happiness.

Neroli essential oil is known to reduce anxiety-induced depression and may even lower levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, and help you with insomnia or any difficulty falling asleep.

Has fresh scent

If you are also troubled by the bad smell of your body, then you can use this miraculous oil. You can use neroli oil as a body spray by spritzing it lightly on your body. This will leave you smelling like fresh oranges all day long.

Fights acne

The anti-bacterial Properties of neroli essential oil helps to balance sebum production in the skin. They prevent acne from occurring. In addition, the essential oil is rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals and soothe inflammation and redness caused by acne.


Neroli oil contains biologically active constituents such as linalool, linalyl acetate, nerolidol, (E,E)-farnesol, α-terpineol, and limonene that may be beneficial for reducing seizures and convulsions.

Preventing infection

According to, neroli oil has antiseptic properties, which can be used on cuts and wounds, preventing infection and reducing the risk of diseases such as tetanus.

A cytophilic also

Neroli oil is also a cytophilic oil, which creates new cells in our body and makes the body strong and it also controls blood pressure. It also boosts the hormones and enzymes of the body, so that the blood circulation in your body remains proper.

Uses of neroli oil

Neroli essential oil is popularly used in aromatherapy. It blends well with many other oils such as geranium, benzoin, lavender, jasmine, sandalwood, and ylang-ylang essential oils, you can use it on its own. Also it is commonly used as a skin lotion by adding it to a diffuser, or spritzer, with other essential oils because it moisturizes the skin and lightens the appearance of scars.

It is also used in a variety of perfumes and fragrances, including the world-famous Eau-de-Cologne! You can also scent a handkerchief with neroli oil, which can have a more positive effect on mood.


Neroli essential oil is known for its various health benefits. It is extremely good for treating depression as it uplifts the spirits and is good at calming people down.

It has strong sedative properties which can be used to treat anxiety, tension, and insomnia. Morever, It is an aphrodisiac and can help with loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, and impotence. It can prevent bacterial and fungal infections that can occur on the body internally as well as externally.


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