Chakki Chalanasana

Chakki Chalanasana pose is a sitting balance yoga pose that requires and builds strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. it considered a warm-up yoga pose to prepare the body for more intense yoga poses.

Chakki Chalanasana is a Hindi word. it is a combination of three words, where chakki means grinder/millchalana means drive/ Churn and asana means posture. Your body seems to be like you are churning a mill while practicing this asana, and hence the name Chakki Chalanasana. The English name of Chakki Chalanasana is called The Churning Mill Yoga Pose. This yoga pose imitates the hand moving stone grinder. It is common in the villages of India, Mostly women are used it to make the flour and pulses etc.

This is one of the most popular exercises for pregnancy. It is a good Yogic posture to tone nerves and organs of pelvis and abdomen region thereby helps in pregnancy.

Chakki Chalanasana has lots of benefits; the health benefits of Chakki Chalanasana include strengthening the Abdominal Organs, post-natal recovery, Improve the Function of Digestive Systems, Prevents Back Pain, regulating the menstrual cycle, Reduce Abdominal Fat and Increasing Blood Circulation around the Body.

Chakki Chalanasana helps to activate and balance the following chakra(s):

  • Sacral Chakra (Swadisthana Chakra)
  • Root Chakra (Muladhara Chakra

According to the experts, this asana is considered best when yogi practiced early in the morning.  Mornings are preferred as the food is digested as well as body has the energy to perform the asana. due to some reason, you cannot practice it in the morning, you can practice this asana in the evening as well. but at least keep 3-5 hour gap between your practice and meal.

How to do Chakki Chalanasana(The Churning Mill Yoga Pose)

  • To come in this asana, first sit in Dandasana (Staff pose). Sit with your legs straight in front of your body.
  • Now separate the legs as wide as possible. without bending your knees and with your back straight.
  • After that Join your palms with lock them together. and stretch out your arm at shoulder height in front of you. make sure your elbows should not be bending.
  • Bend forward as far as possible and assume that you are churning the mill with an home stone grinder.
  • Now, taking in deep breaths, move your hands in circular motion over your legs or you can do so in a clockwise direction.
  • You have to inhale while bending forward from the right and exhale as you go backward from the left.
  • In this position only the arms and the body moving clockwise and anticlockwise. you should be keeping the hips firm.
  • Keep breathing deeply and easily while rotating. you will feel the stretch in the arms, abs, groin and legs.
  • Do not overexert yourself while practicing this Pose. 
  • Repeat this asana anticlockwise direction.
  • After the practice, rest your body in Shavasana for 1-2 minutes.

Benefits of Chakki Chalanasana(The Churning Mill Yoga Pose)

  • Chakki Chalanasana is a good preventive for sciatica.
  • Regular practice will help to reduce abdominal fat as well as useful in reducing post-delivery fat.
  • Chakki Chalanasana is a good Yogic posture to tone nerves and organs of pelvis and abdomen region thereby helps in pregnancy.
  • One of the benefits of Chakki Chalanasana is that it is more helpful in treating insomnia and allows you to sleep soundly.
  • It also helps in strengthening all the core muscles of the body.
  • Chakki Chalanasana includes strengthening the Abdominal Organs along with Improve the Function of Digestive Systems.
  • It also helps to improve your body posture.
  • This yoga pose is beneficial in making your spine, shoulder, and arms flexible.
  • It is also beneficial in relieving joint pain and reducing symptoms of old age.
  • The Churning Mill Yoga Pose is beneficial for regulating the menstrual cycle and also Provides strength to Uterus muscles in the female.


  • Beginners remember that don’t go beyond your limits during Asana. Otherwise, it causes serious injuries.
  • Do not practice this asana if you are suffering from Gastroesophageal Reflux disease.
  • In the pregnancy time if you have high and low blood pressure.
  • In case of extreme lower back pain, chronic spinal issues or spinal conditions must be avoid this asana.

Preparatory Poses

  • Practitioners can practiced before The Churning Mill Yoga Pose are Dandasana or The Staff Pose and Ustrasana or The Camel pose


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