Mindfulness Meditation

Based on the Buddhist tradition, Mindfulness Meditation has become quite popular in recent years in the West. This meditation technique is a mental training exercise that enables you to slow down moving thoughts as well as calm down both your mind and body by eliminating negativity.

Mindfulness Is nothing else but just being aware. You can practice it both formally and informally. When you do it informally, you are just trying to be more knowledgeable about everything around you. The formal process called mindfulness meditation, and this may be the real reason for your dilemma or confusion.

What Is Mindfulness Meditation Technique?

Mindfulness meditation is the method of meditation in which a person can not only make their mind more creative and clear of thoughts but also change the mental state, and re-inspire them towards more positive thoughts and feelings.

In fact, Mindfulness Meditation is cognitive-behavioral therapy through which we create awareness of the present moment or situations happening inside us, around us. It is just a type of meditation but the only difference is that instead of trying separately at a fixed time to meditate, we have to focus our moments in mindfulness meditation wherever we are, and that moment is to feel and live fully.

Research on psychopathology suggests that mindfulness makes alert, combines concentration with awareness and nonjudgmentally, controls emotions, and increases self-satisfaction. It reduces nervousness and discomfort in difficult situations, including depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and substance abuse, and mental illness.

Types of Mindfulness

There are some different forms of mindfulness meditation practices include:

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How to Practice Mindfulness Meditation?

Special preparation is not required to practice Mindfulness Meditation.

Set meditation time

You can set your alarm before 30 minutes, before a little wake up or a few minutes before bedtime to isolate the atmosphere, take time to practice Mindfulness Meditation every day and on your own Stress more. Try again next time.

Get comfortable

Choose a comfortable place to sit in meditation. it is important to wear comfortable cloth, Sit on a chair or directly on the floor where you feel stress less.

Consider a Timer

Decide what time each day you will set to meditate and for how long you want to do it. Set a quiet alarm so that you know when your time is up, or time it with something like meditation music.

Focus on Breathing

Meditate on the breath. Feel the breath going in and out. Feel the breath fluctuations. only on focus on breath that enter your nostrils and leave your mouth.

Notice Your Thoughts

Meditate on the many thoughts that come to mind. Let the thoughts coming in your mind come and go. Do not try to change them. Or do not divert your attention from them.

A Break

If you find yourself submerged in your thoughts, then inspect with worry, fear, hope where your mind has gone. Without judgment and come back to your breath. Do not stress yourself when this happens; The idea of ​​recovering your breath and returning to the present state is the practice of Mindfulness Meditation.

Pay attention to body stretch

Stand up and pull your arms upwards. If sitting on a chair, pull your hands upwards while sitting. Then focus your attention on the arms. Take care from fingers to shoulders. Then sit on the ground and spread your legs in front of you. If sitting on a chair, stretch your legs in the front. After this, focus on the feet from the toes to the ankles and the entire leg.

Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

  • By doing it, the main cause of every problem is relief from stress. If you are overcome by stress, you will get rid of many problems.
  • It can actually alter mental state, a process known as neuroplastic.
  • In particular, Mindfulness Meditation cures depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and substance abuse and improvement in implementation.
  • This brings unprecedented changes in our mental state. If you want to practice your meditation then you must practice Mindfulness Meditation.
  • Meditation raises awareness about the mind and its nature. It helps you to understand your feelings, inner desires, and expectations.
  • In this way, by practicing continuously, you will start receiving both mental and physical benefits.


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