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Om is a mantra or vibration. It is usually chanted at the start and end of a yoga session. This mantra has come from Hinduism and Yoga. So this mantra believed to have high spiritual and creative power. But in spite of this, om meditation can be performed by anybody.

It is a sound as well as a symbol rich in meaning and depth. When this sound pronounced rightly, this is actually AUM.

Scientific Studies on Om

According to Hindu beliefs, the whole world, and the whole universe is contained in the word ‘ॐ’. Only this single word is added before a mantra, its effect increases manifold. From Mandukya Upanishad: – Om is the syllable of past, present, and future.

Om is not just a sacred sound but is the name or symbol of God (God, Brahma), also represents universal consciousness.

The word ‘Om’ is made up of three letters namely, A, U, and M. “A” represents the physical plane, “u” is the mental and astral plane, or “m” represents complete deep sleep.

” Om is a combination of mental alertness with physical rest during the practice of meditation.”

According to Hinduism texts and scriptures, the word Om is pronounced before and after every other mantra.

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Om is believed to be one of the most essential sounds in the entire universe. It has been chanted for many that are thousands of years. It is considered consistent practice leads to great enlightenment.

This is not a religious practice, but Om is a universal syllable. This is a cosmic sound that started the creation of the universe. It is a holy sound of the divine. Om is a mystifying expression of infinity, constancy, perpetuity, and wisdom. It is the basis of our inner being. The meaning of Om is fearlessness, protection, acceptance, and much more.

Om sound present in everything that is the words you say, the things you utilize, and much more. The everyday chanting of Om will provide you peace to your mind, body, and soul. The yogis of olden India understood the innate power of the Om mantra. So they used to chant it to connect to their soul. They trusted that it exists and functions within all of us.

The Procedure of Om Meditation:

The meditation that comprises the chanting of Om or Aum is known as Om meditation. In this procedure, the two great spiritual belongings that have its place in us and they are breath and sound. These are combined to practice a complete meditation technique. There are some ways to do this meditation rightly. They are as follows:

  1. Seat in a Right Way:

During Om meditation, you should sit either in the Lotus position or in Vajrasana. If you can’t sit down then you can sit on the chair. Endure your back is straight and feel relaxed and at ease in your sitting position. Your hands should be on your hands or on your thighs. If you want you can keep them on your lap with one hand resting on another. You must clear your head and sit calmly.

  1. Eye Position:

While meditation it is essential to keep your eyes closed. Turn them gradually downwards and then close them gently. By doing this it eradicates your visual distractions and your brain action comes down. Closes eyes help the mind to relax and clam your bustling mind.

  1. Breathing Pattern:

You should close your mouth and breathe indeed. Ensure that the air goes in and out merely through your nose. Keep your jaw muscles eased. Also, keep your upper and lower teeth little parted rather than compressing them together or touching one another. Then notice your breath whilst it goes in and out. But don’t force it or add up any embellishments to it. Let the process be natural.

  1. Om Chanting:

Whilst you breathe in and out then chant Om. Fix the chant to your breath period instead of breathing to the chant. Break the Om syllable to A-A-U-U-M, after that there is silence and then back again. So speak the initial two syllables with your mouth opened broadly. Then say the next two syllables by pressing your lips together. Put the tip of the tongue on the roof of your mouth to speak the last two syllables. Then get immersed in the silence that guarantees.

  1. Mingling All Things:

Carry on the Om meditation, maintaining it in sync with your breath. Certainly, the cycle of chanting will work out. It will surely relax your mind. Not only physically, but also you can do Om meditation mentally. Listen to the inside vibrations developed in your body whilst chanting Om. Gradually, your soul will sink into its waves.

  1. General Effect of Om Meditation:

When you slowly go deeper into the meditation, then the Om vibrations become gentler and subtle. These will nearly become a whisper. Gradually, it will become soundless and you realize that Om has always been existing and functions in your body. Your body will observe that even you breathe slow and become gentle.

Benefits of Om Meditation:

As the Om chanting has a special place in various cultures, so it has several benefits. It is helpful in encouraging good physical and mental health. So following are the benefits of Om meditation:

  1. When you do Om meditation it develops positive vibrations in you. Due to this, you feel happy.
  2. It purifies the environment surrounding you.
  3. Om chanting will provide you peace, tranquility, and calm.
  4. Om meditation not just advantages the individual, but it also to the persons around them, anywhere its vibrations flow.
  5. Chanting Om can help in purifying and balancing your third eye (Ajna Chakra).
  6. As you do Om chanting with Om, individuals will see changes in you. This is because you might be looking younger, happier, peaceful, energetic, and much more.
  7.  Studies have shown that meditation has been proven to improve heart health. Om’s pronunciation can improve blood pressure and cardiac autonomic nervous system tone as well as reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.
  8. Chanting ‘om’ creates vibrations in our bodies.
  9. You will start to appreciate each small thing in your life. This will turn you into a magnet to attract the best things in your life to be thankful for.
  10. The word Om is the representation of the Hindu trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.
  11. When you practice meditation with Om chanting relaxes your mind and body. Due to this your blood pressure decreases and the heart beats with a usual rhyme which is best for your heart health.
  12. Om meditation gives you better control over your emotions. This is very important to handle the situation with a clear and rational mind.
  13. When it chanted in the group, the effects are augmented. This will create immense positive vibrations that charge up the whole vicinity.
  14. Om can also help clean your skin. The enormous level of internal energy and a cleansed aura that come from chanting the Om often will be shown outside with a healthy glow on your face and body.
  15. In summary, it was observed that the repetition of Om reduced skin resistance.

So you should practice Om meditation regularly. It will always keep you positive as well as happy.

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