Merkaba Meditation

Energy surrounds our entire body. The energy fields often take a geometric shape in the form. The energy fields often actually come from within our own body and surround it completely. They rotate all around the body at very high speeds. However, the high-speed rotation of these energy fields is slowed down for many people and for some people it gets completely stopped owing to the pressures of the daily tasks that pollute the mind, the body as well as spirit. In case the energy fields become duly inactive, it can be cause for worry. You won’t feel alive and actually, miss out various enriching details of the life. However, Merkaba meditation assists in recharging these energy fields.

It involved various breathing patterns which change the body, mind, and heart and also alters the perception. It is a particular journey towards complete enlightenment.

Merkaba is actually present at the spine’s base which affects the Kundalini energy that is present nearby. The Merkaba meditation makes it quite easier for the Kundalini energy to effectively rise and then spread across the entire body by means of unblocking the channels as well as cleansing the chakras. This meditation aligns the entire energy fields of the body and also enables easier movement of energy. It elevates the practitioners to higher consciousness and takes them beyond the basic limitations of their daily lives.

How To Do Merkaba Meditation

In order to practice Merkaba meditation, you have to do 18 spherical breathing process. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. First Breath

Here you have to inhale and then open the heart to feel the love for all of the lives. You should visualize a bright light surrounding your body. As you are inhaling, place the thumb lightly onto the first finger and then part the other fingers. Make sure that both of the palms are facing upwards. Breathe in via the nostrils, first from your stomach, then the diaphragm and finally the chest. Do it one fast swipe.

Exhale with the abdomen drawn in and then left it as you are breathing out. Keep the chest firm and relax after exhalation.

Keep this breathing pattern as rhythmic as you can and count to 5 seconds as you inhale and repeat the same as you exhale. Keep your eyes slightly towards one another as you are exhaling and then look up gently. Now look down, and you will feel a great electric sensation actually going down your spine.

  1. Second Breath

As you are feeling the energy actually going down your spine, change the mudra. Join your thumb with the second finger. Inhale as well as exhale in the similar manner as you performed in the first breath.

  1. Third Breath

Change your mudra. Now shift your thumb to the third finger and keep breathing in the same particular manner as you did during the first breath.

  1. Fourth Breath

Now join your thumb and the little finger in this breath. Keep the same breathing pattern as the first breath.

  1. Fifth Breath

Bring back your thumb right to the first finger and keep breathing similar to the way you did in the first breath.

  1. Sixth Breath

Repeat the second breath as well as the mudra. The first six breaths will actually balance your polarities and even cleanse your entire electric system. Now we come to the next seven breaths which are the second part of this meditation.

  1. Seventh Breath

The seventh breath actually starts with a new way of breathing. Feel the entire love in the heart and then inhale. Visualize a tube actually running from over your head to down to your feet. Feel the pranic energy that moves from the tube’s top towards your navel and the same keeps moving upwards from the tube’s bottom towards the navel. As you keep inhaling, the two points actually meet and expand. Now, get your thumb and second finger together and keep the palms up. Breathe in as well as out deeply in a particular yogic rhythmic manner without actually holding the breath at any given point.

  1. Eighth Breath

Naturally, inhale as the lungs empty out on their own in your previous exhalation. The pranic energy present at the navel will continue to grow in terms of size. As you keep exhaling, this pranic energy will reach its maximum size. Keep the breathing pattern going on with the same mudra of hands.

  1. Ninth Breath

As you keep on inhaling as well as exhaling in the same breathing pattern along with the same mudra, the pranic energy actually gets concentrated at the navel region since it can’t grow any bigger. The inhalation, as well as exhalation, makes the pranic energy turns much brighter. Keep the breathing pattern rhythmic in the same hand mudra.

  1. Tenth Breath

As you are inhaling, the entire pranic energy becomes much brighter, and then reaches to its maximum limit. As you exhale, you need to make a small hole with the lips and blow out the air within with pressure. As you are exhaling, a white sphere will extend through the fingertips and encloses the entire body in spherical white light. Keep the breathing pattern rhythmic with the same hand mudra.

  1. Eleventh Breath

Relax and then breathe rhythmically with the similar hand mudra. Feel the actual prana flow from the up as well as down, meeting at the navel and then extending to a much larger sphere.

  1. Twelfth Breath

Keep relaxing and breathing rhythmically with the same mudra of hand. Feel the prana flow from up as well as down and extending to a larger sphere.

  1. Thirteenth Breath

Relax as well as breath rhythmically with the same mudra of hand. Feel the prana actually flowing up as well as down and meeting at the navel and extending to a larger sphere. This particular breath will, in turn, stabilizes the entire pranic field.

  1. Fourteenth Breath

Now feel the love in the heart and then inhale. As you do it, shift the actual original meeting point of your pranic energy from the navel to your sternum. Change the mudra by placing your left palm on to your right palm if you are a male. In case you are a female, do the opposite. Breathe rhythmically and with comfort. Focus on the entire pranic energy flow in the body meeting at your sternum and constantly expanding. Feel the breath as well as energy flow along with the connection to the life.

  1. Fifteenth Breath

Now fill the heart with complete love and become aware of distinct three tetrahedrons which are superimposed on each other. One particular tetrahedron doesn’t actually move usually and remains fixed in the body. One of them is male, and it is electrical. It rotates in a counter-clockwise direction and represents the human find. The third tetrahedron is actually a magnetic female one which rotates clockwise, and it actually represents the human emotions.

Keep the hands held and also the breath in, thinking in the mind that these two movable tetrahedrons are actually rotating at equal speeds. Now make a hole with the lips and exhale with the given start tetrahedrons continuously spinning in the opposite directions with particular equal speed. Here the experience of the Merkaba actually begins.

  1. Sixteenth Breath

Keep the mudra of folded arms and then inhale. As you are exhaling through your mouth, like the fifteenth breath, you will actually feel the entire speed of the tetrahedrons keeps on doubling and forming a disk all around your body at the very base of the spine. This disk needs stability.

  1. Seventeenth Breath

Keep the same mudra of hand and feel unconditional love for the entire life and breathe in and keep telling the mind to increase the entire Merkaba to the nine-tenths of the actual speed of light. Now exhale through the mouth in the similar fashion as you did in the fifteenth breath. Breathe in as well as out in a particular balanced yogic way. Keep on exhaling forcefully and complete stabilize your Merkaba.

  1. Eighteenth Breath

You will now receive the final eighteenth breath from the higher self. It will now take you through the complete speed of light into a completely new world for some time.

merkaba meditation infographics

5 Benefits Of Merkaba Meditation

  • It actually expands the awareness as well as elevates the consciousness.
  • It increases the receptive as well as intuitive aspects of the mind.
  • It actually balances the mind and helps in relieving the stress.
  • It heals the person and helps him in getting a deeper contact with his higher self.
  • It also increases energy and enables a much stronger connection with life.


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