Mantra Meditation

A Mantra is essentially a sound or certain utterance of words or a syllable. Modern science looks at the entire existence of energy reverberations and various levels of vibrations. Where there is a particular vibration, a sound is bound to be there. Hence, it means that the entire existence of a certain type of sound or even a complex and complicated amalgamation of sounds is the entire existence of multiple mantras. There are few mantras or certain sounds that have been identified that could be the major keys.

If you utilize them in a particular way called Mantra Meditation, they essentially become a key to open a certainly different life dimension and experience well within you.

Origin of Mantras

Mantras have a Vedic origin. The Vedas teachings contain different Mantric chants or even hymns cognized by several seers or the Rishis from the entire Cosmic Mind. Since all the Vedas are eternal and impersonal, the exact date of origin of Mantra Meditation is quite difficult to find. For instance, each Mantra in the Upanishads, Vedas, and different religious traditions within the Hindu religion essentially start with Om or Aum- the very basic and primordial sound, the particular sound which is said to have its entire origin at the cosmos creation which is also known as Big Bang.

The Mantra is a Key to Existence

The mantra isn’t something which you utter. It is something which you strive to become as unless you possess the key, and the entire existence wouldn’t open for you. Becoming a mantra means that you are essentially becoming the key. Only if you are a certain key only then you can open the lock. Else someone has to open that for you, and you need to listen to them.

Mantras can be a great preparatory step. Merely one mantra can do very great things for people. They can be quite an effective force in the creation of something but only if these mantras come from a particular source where there is a complete knowledge and understanding of all that is sound. So, when we say “all that is sound”, it means the creation itself. If a mantra is coming from a source, with a particular level of understanding as well as when the transmission is pure, then the mantras can be quite an effective force.

Approach Mantra Meditation with Awareness

There are various types of Mantra. Each mantra essentially activates a certain kind of energy in a particular part of the body. Without any type of necessary awareness, merely repeating the sound just bring dullness to your mind. Any repetition of a particular sound always makes the mind dull. But when it is performed with proper awareness, with a complete understanding of what it actually is, a mantra can essentially be quite a powerful means. When considered as a science, it is a definitely powerful dimension, but if its only imparted without any type of necessary basis as well as without creating the right situations, it could essentially cause lots of damage since it is a subjective science. We know that people who have certainly caused to themselves by the wrong and improper utterance of something even a Mantra as common as Gayatri Mantra.

The Relationship between Mantra and Sanskrit

Mantras have a Sanskrit basis, and the very basic aspect of the language of Sanskrit is that it is sound sensitive. So when different people actually speak, each one is saying it in their own particular way. If a Bengali say a particular Mantra, he will be saying it in his own way. If an American say it, then he will say in a completely different way. So, likes this, various people who speak various languages, according to what their language that they have been using it tend to distort different mantras unless the person gets the right training. Such type of training can be too exhaustive, and people don’t have that level of patience or even dedication in today’s world because it requires a considerable amount of time as well as involvement.

The Link between the Form and Sound- Nada Yoga

The Sanskrit language is essentially a device not just a medium of communication. Most of the different languages were essentially made up as we had to refer to something. In the beginning, they started with few words and then multiplied them into different complex forms. But in case of Sanskrit, it is a language which is discovered since at present we know that if one is feeding a particular sound into an oscilloscope, then every sound has a particular form which is attached to it. In the same way, every form has a certain sound associated with it. Every form in the entire existence is reverberating in a particular way and also creates a certain sound. Whenever you utter any sound, a certain form is created. There is a complete science of using different sounds in a certain way which create the right type of form. We can essentially create powerful forms by the utterance of sounds in different arrangements. This is termed as Nada Yoga, the yoga of the sound. If you have mastered over any sound, then you have the mastery over that form which is associated with it. When Sanskrit is taught, it has been learnt by a rote. The sound is very important, not just the meaning.

Sanskrit is a language where sound and form are connected. For instance, In English, if you say “son” or “sun”, they have the same utterance while only the spelling is different. What you actually write isn’t the criteria. The sound is the basic criteria. When you actually realize what a particular sound is essentially attached to a particular form, you provide this sound with a particular name for that form. Now the sound, as well as the form, are connected. Hence, when you utter the sound, you are actually relating to the form, both psychologically as well as existentially, and you connect with the form. Sanskrit is essentially like a blueprint of the entire existence. What is actually in the form, we converted into a particular sound. A lot of different distortions have occurred. How to preserve it in a particularly right form is a great challenge even today as the necessary understanding, knowledge and the awareness is missing.

The Sound means more than Meaning

This is the particular reason why when the Sanskrit language is taught, and it needs to be learnt by rote. People merely chant the language endlessly. Whether you know the meaning or not, it doesn’t matter. The sound is important, not the actual meaning. Meanings are actually made up in mind. It is the particular sound as well as the form which are connecting. That is why Sanskrit has become the mother of almost all Indian as well as European languages except the Tamil. The Tamil language doesn’t come from Sanskrit. It developed all by itself. All of the other languages of India and most of the European languages have origins in the Sanskrit.

Reading Mantras in Sanskrit which is an ancient Indian language can be quite intimidating. Gurumukhi which his sacred script that is used in Kundalini Yoga is rather more straightforward than the Sanskrit but it can also sound a little mouthful in the beginning. However, you don’t need to memorize the mantra’s sonnet length in order to achieve positive results. The single word Mantra such as Om can be quite powerful.

Think of a mantra like a particular instrument which fine-tunes the yoga practice. Incorporating these mantras into the practice can also assist to make it quite sacred as well as take it out of the physical realm and into the higher awareness state. Cultivating a sonic presence can be quite liberating in a certain way since you experience the entire numinous nature of sound. It is said that every chakra has its own vibration and few types of mantras can essentially resonate and even harmonize that particular energy. A mantra is actually more complex concept rather than just a chant. While you recite a mantra before and even after you step on the yoga mat can essentially enhance the practice, and you don’t require yoga mode to chant. Mantras is essentially a yoga tool which you can basically use to calm your mind at any time and anywhere. If you are feeling anxious, stressed, excited or lonely, just pick a phrase or a word and chant it in a particular way which works for you, whether softly, loudly or even internally. Different sounds have different types of effects on the psyche of the humans. If a soft sound of rustling of the wind through the leaves actually soothes your nerves, the musical note of a running stream can enchant you hear, and thunders can cause awe and fear. The sacred utterances or the chanting of Sanskrit Mantras offer us with the required power to attain our different goals as well as lift ourselves from the ordinary level of consciousness to higher level. They provide us with the power to ward off evils, cure diseases, worship a deity with a type of exalted communion, acquire supernatural powers and for the attainment of the blissful state as well as attain liberation.

What is Mantra Meditation?

For every person, he has a different reason for meditating like from attaining a spiritual connection to health benefits. Mantras are a sacred word sound or short phrase utterance which has spiritual and psychological powers that penetrate in the depths of our unconscious mind and also assist in attaining spiritual connection as well as desired health benefits. The word Om is the basic mantra also known as Bija Mantra. According to Big Band theory, the Om was the sound of the cosmos that was created with the creation of Universe. The Om word produces the sound as well as a vibration that allows the person to feel with the entire nature. The vibrations of the chanting of mantra repeatedly awaken the inside spiritual life force as well as stimulate the body chakras. The mantra is essentially the God’s living force.

The earliest mantras were essentially composed in Sanskrit language, and they are over 3000 years old. Mantras today exist in different schools of Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Jainism. Similar chants, hymns, concepts and compositions are found in Taoism, Zoroastrianism, and Christianity.

How to Mantra Meditation correctly

  • Each Mantra has its own different vibrations. Choose a particular mantra as per your need, requirement and wish.
  • Mantra repetition assists you in disconnecting from any type of wasteful and unwanted thoughts which arise during the meditation.
  • The best time is to do it early in the morning or late in the evening. You can also choose any time according to convenience.
  • Select a comfortable and quiet place for practicing mantra meditation.
  • Start the Mantra in a particular background.
  • Sit with legs crossed or on the chair with comfort and with the back straight as well as eyes closed.
  • Place the hands near the Navel.
  • Relax your muscles, body, and smile.
  • Slowly take deeper breaths. Concentrate on the breath in a way where you are most comfortable and also observe each and every inhalation as well as exhalation but also avoid controlling and analyzing the breath, just experience each and every breath. Feel the rise as well as the fall of the belly. Do it 4 to 5 times.
  • It is time to select a mantra and take a deeper breath. Slowly chant a particular Mantra whenever you exhale, keep at the pace slow, and also you don’t have to be forceful and loud. Go along with the entire track to set up the right pace. Try to pronounce correctly but not get over-conscious.
  • During chanting, vibrations of mantra start from the lower belly and then travel all the way to the brain as you keep chanting. Chanting mantra slowly or silently but with certain feelings. Slowly feel that the unwanted thoughts, stress, and pain leaving the body with each chant.
  • Every mantra creates a unique vibration and sound during the chanting and also stimulates different areas of the brain that brings positive results which includes natural healing and relaxation.
  • A mantra can essentially be chanted while you focus on a particular part of the body that needs to be get healed. Also, spiritual mantras assist to create a positive attitude and also empower the practitioner.
  • Feel a sense of bliss and calm. All of the wasteful thoughts and activities will start decreasing and then come to stillness. Feel the flow of vibrations and energy.
  • Repeat the mantra as much as you want but for very powerful results, chant for at least 15 minutes.

It is quite essential to have full and complete faith in the Mantras recitation to achieve the goals that you desire. When during the entire course of chanting Mantra, the entire physical forces actually harmonize with the intellectual and emotional forces and then you begin to experience like a complete being. Meditation also takes constant practice but is quite simple and can even affect a lot of positive changes in the life. Perform it on a daily basis for total healing and awareness. Mantra chanting meditation in a group can essentially bring harmony and peace to all of the group members.

Things to Consider while Chanting Mantra

Mantras are quite sacred words which have the power to change the life completely, and a mantra is chanted in the particular right vibration and also in the right atmosphere which can purify the mind and also calm the senses. Nothing can even bring more solace then powerful mantra chanting. Let’s look at different things that you need to consider while chanting mantra.

1. Know the purpose behind it

People chant mantras for a lot of reasons. While some chant mantras to attain God while some for spiritual significance. Some of the people use it for the purpose of meditation while other people do it to improve concentration. No matter whatever the reason is for mantra chanting, the important thing is to do it in the correct way.

2. Right Pronunciation

Whenever you are chanting a mantra, makes sure that the chanting of the mantra is done by using correct and coherent words. The incorrect pronunciation can do a lot of damage rather than good. If you get confused with any particular word or words, then ask an expert or look for right pronunciation on the internet. You can start off with doing easy mantras to get used to the language.

3. Remain Constant

A lot of mantras need to be chanted for a particular number of times to become more powerful and also potent. This process is known as Sidh Karma, and it doesn’t happen within a day. Also, you need to keep mantra chanting for those fixed number of days, weeks and months until you start to see its positive impact and effect on the body. Never change the mantra in between thinking that it isn’t working.

4. Take Help from an Expert

If you can, then attain some knowledge and information on chanting mantra from a particularly known guru or an expert and only then start with the chanting of the mantra. From the right positions of your palms to the right way of holding the beads to which mantra you should chant, the right expert or guru can guide you the way towards the correct mantra chanting.

5. Using Beads

However, it isn’t compulsory to utilize a bead or even a mala when you are chanting, but it is good if you keep one. It will assist you in concentrating better and also assist you in remembering how many rounds that you have completed in chanting the mantra. The ideal bead is the rudraksha which is beneficial for both the soul as well as the body

6. Keep Eyes Closed

You can even chant the mantras with the open eyes, and it will have more impact if you do it with the eyes closed. Doing it will help you in concentrating better and also assist you in feeling the vibrations of that specific mantra throughout the body. It will also assist you in relaxing and make the body into a state of trance.

7. Visualize Something

Whenever you are chanting mantras, visualize the deity which you are chanting it for. For instance, if you are chanting the potent Maha Mritunjay mantra, then ensure that you visualize the Lord Shiva’s face while doing it. This will assist in connecting with the deity and also feel the presence of Lord Shiva around you. In this way, a mantra can easily be chanted any where and not even necessarily in a particular temple.

8. Don’t be Loud

Most of the people chant the mantras with a loud voice which isn’t the ideal way. The ideal way to do mantra chanting is to chant it slowly. However, it needs to be loud enough such that you yourself can easily hear it. You shouldn’t do mantra chanting mechanically and also concentrate only on getting it done and then get over with. Instead feel the words and their actual meaning.

9. Create the Right Pace

Even though you can do mantra chanting anywhere, you need to assign a right space for it in your house or anywhere else so that you can chant the mantra. Ideally, this particular space needs to be partially open as well as facing the sun if it is possible. Don’t change the space that you have chosen frequently and use that place for doing mantra chanting every day.

10. Maintain Regularity

The best thing about chanting any mantra is that unlike going to any temple everyday or giving charity, you don’t have to go out physically to do this. Hence, it is easier not to skip mantra chanting. You can do it even when you are sick while you sit on the bed. It will assist you in feeling better, and you don’t require any effort to do it.

11. Keep a Calm Mind

It doesn’t make any sense if you sit down to chant any mantra if the mind is pre-occupied with any work or different chores of the house. For those minutes of chanting mantra, you need to make sure that you concentrate all of your energies only on the chanting of the mantras and nothing else. It should be your “me time” and also ensure that you actually make the best of it. Try to avoid any type of interference during this particular time.

Benefits of Mantra Meditation

1. It stimulates the endocrine system

The simple act of pressing the tongue against the mouth’s palate stimulate the hypothalamus of the body along with the thalamus and the pituitary. Whenever you are reciting a mantra, you are actually hitting the palate with the tongue. In the palate, there exist 84 meridian points where 64 in the hard palate while 20 in the soft palate.

This vibration which emanates from the hypothalamus directs the entire actions of pituitary glands and then governs the entire endocrine system. It releases the chemicals as well as hormones throughout the entire body and to the brain. This particular vibration releases different chemical hormones which balance the body, and they have healing effects. Also, the pituitary gland gets stimulated via the tongue by hitting the different meridian points. Also, the pituitary gland is created in the fetus from the cells of mouth’s roof that rise into your brain. That is why pressing the tongue against mouth’s roof stimulates the gland.

2. It helps in focusing the attention

Whenever you sit down to meditate, the mind jumps from one thought to another which makes it quite difficult to focus the attention. Chanting distracts your mind from all of the frivolous and unwanted thoughts which help to anchor the mind in the state of concentration.

3. It releases emotion

Emotions is which aren’t accepted are the representation of the aspect of the self which is being judged. This particular emotion causes different sensations in the entire body that you crave or even have an aversion to.

In any way, you are reinforcing and reacting the pattern. Mantra meditation is a great way to let of all the reaction to the sensation via the throat as well as heart chakras which releases the emotion via self-expression.

4. It creates awareness

The vibrations that come from mantras have the sufficient power to rearrange the entire molecular structure. Each sound does have a distinct vibration, and due to it, each mantra has its own effect. All sound essentially affects the molecule structure of the body. Also, the feelings, words, thoughts and actions impact our entire consciousness. Think about how different music puts your mind in a different mood. Mantra meditation are designed in such a way to adjust the experience via the subtle vibrations which they cause in the body. Each mantra is specifically designed to have a different and distinct effect.

5. It adjusts all the vibration which aligns the awareness with different aspects of the infinite and self

Everything that you are seeking is within. Whenever you are feeling that you aren’t experiencing something, it is due to the fact that you aren’t tuned into that thing’s vibrations. When you are vibrating a particular thing, you are tuned into that thing. For instance, if you are vibrating love, then you will see it at all place. If you aren’t then this means that vibration lacks. This is exactly how you are actually attracted to different people and how you can essentially experience that type of alignment with the karmic vibration of yours.

6. It helps in overcoming karma by changing the vibrations

Chanting a particular mantra actually tunes you into a particular experience of that mantra. This type of alignment provides you to experience these vibrations by becoming the actual vibration. The more sensitive you actually are, the deeper you will essentially experience the effects. The longer, as well as more, focused you chant a particular mantra, the more impact it will essentially have on the consciousness of yours.

It isn’t only the mantra meditation which has the strong impact on your entire being, but each and every vibration is quite crucial and critical. If you are thinking negatively, you will essentially create a subtle vibration. As long as this vibration persists, the more effects it will have on your being. The vibration of the thought will eventually create an emotional vibration that generates a vibration in the entire body. This is actually where all of the sensations come from within the body.

When we talk about different blocks in the subtle and physical body like in the chakras or the different nadis where there is the flow of prana, we are actually referring to different areas where all the vibrations are out of alignment. The areas which are vibrating slower than they need to and where the flow of the essential energy is actually impeded. The same way that mantra chanting impacts the being, so does the thoughts, words as well as actions. You create vibrations and then unconsciously and consciously, you react to them. Repeating mantras can essentially help you in liberating from those different ingrained patterns. Mantra Meditation shapes the thoughts and consciousness of the body and mind and helps you in achieving a higher level of connection with the higher power and gain spirituality.


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