Yoga Class Etiquette

Whether you’re new to yoga, or you’re a well-tried yogi, it is essential to deem “what is yoga etiquette?” consists of so you know What to expect or what equipment you need in your first yoga class as well as how to behave respectfully.

Here are general tips and tricks for considering the etiquette of attending a yoga class to make your yoga practice enjoyable.

Yoga Class Etiquette: Rules to Know 

Understanding the basic yoga class etiquette that will help you feel more comfortable during your yoga practice. Most of the following tips and tricks are simply common sense and etiquette, but the practice is about cultivating awareness that is specific to yoga classes and studios.

Be Punctual: Arrive on Time

Being in a hurry – Attending a yoga class is stressful for you. Running to class after class starts is a troublesome situation and it is going to distract you.

Ideally, be sure to arrive before class starts, a few extra minutes before class starts allows you to prepare for practice. It would be a good idea to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early which will give you time to roll out the tie, remove the shoes, remove the items, check in yourself, and do some gentle warm-up poses. So make sure to reach on time, sit calmly and focus on your breath.

Shower before class

Being as clean as possible to show class participants respect for the practice before class shows purity and cleanliness. Here, before getting on the mat be mindful of your body odor and excess perfume, as well as excess sweat can disrupt those around you.

Take off your shoes

Wearing shoes in class is bad yoga etiquette for both teachers and students for several reasons.

It is traditional to go barefoot in a yoga class environment, if you feel uncomfortable going barefoot, you can put on your socks. Although yoga is practiced with bare feet. In winter, you may prefer to keep your socks on for a warm-up in the beginning.

If you go ahead with the shoe it’s likely that it’s not ideal. Your shoes and socks are helping clean the class, and you’re also respecting the space.

Wear Appropriate Attire

Avoid wearing anything that will distract you or others from walking and pulling.

Wearing specific clothing designed for yoga is basic yoga studio etiquette. Tight clothes need to be adjusted frequently or lose clothes too loose are not completely right.

You’re more likely to feel comfortable as can comfortable yoga leggings, and vest tops.

Breathe, but not too loudly

Yoga classes have traditionally been quiet, peaceful, and contemplative spaces so one can be encouraged to remain calm or to be even more mindful of your breath.

Turn off your phone

Checking your cell phone during a yoga class is very embarrassing and disruptive. Ideally, take your phone or any electronic device to the class, then turn it off or in airplane mode, silent mode is not enough, it breaks the silence of relaxation, especially Shavasana.

Leaving your phone out of class sometimes is all about the least amount of distraction for others.

Don’t take up too much space

Taking up unnecessary amounts of space contrary to the rules and etiquette of yoga studios is about losing the respect of the instructor. Be a neighbor by making available space. By taking up unnecessary space, you will feel more cramped, which no one wants.

Don’t Skip Savasana

“Savasana”—called Corpse Pose—is important to your practice. It is absolutely necessary to understand the importance of Savasana. This is the corpse pose with positive affirmations and calming sounds, which come at the end of every yoga session.


If you want to take your yoga zeal further, some yoga etiquette will help you get started on the best possible level.

Being aware of the above exercises will make the practice surprisingly positive and enjoyable.


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