Taoist Meditation

There are thousands of Meditation practices running across the globe. Taoist Meditation is one among them. Daoist is another name of Taoist Meditation. The entire practice belongs to Chinese origin, religion, and philosophy of Taoism.

The Taoist meditation practice works on concentration, mindfulness, and better visualization.

Taoist Meditation is pretty relevant to Buddhist meditation practices. The particular meditation has been in people’s practices for thousands of years. It is the gateway to thehigher consciousness level. It strikes nicely on the energy flow of the human body and forces it to achieve tremendous intellectual results.

Higher the consciousness level, greater the desired goals. Anyway, meditation is suggested to the living human being for a lovely and prosperous living. Let’s look at how the meditation is performed and what are its benefits.

How to practice Taoist Meditation Technique?

As I’ve mentioned Taoist meditation is the reflection that albeit like Buddhism has a far more grounded accentuation to vitality stream, mending, breathing systems and perceptions.

Taoist practices likewise have a profound stillness perspective, in some cases to associate with the intensity of the universe and increase further bits of knowledge into the Tao and edification.

This instructional exercise expects to enable you to begin and create in Taoist contemplation. Let’s look at the steps to perform it.

Taoist Meditation – Technique number 1.

  • Read and understand as much as possible about Taoism. The meditation is all from within, To learn Taoist, you must understand what it is all about.
  • If it is possible then Join Taoist Meditation House, The similar environment will make you learn faster than ever.
  • Understand the rituals of Taoism and follow it with your whole heart, body, and mind.
  • To attain the real virtue of Taoism, you need to get enlightened by five Taoist aspects that are Proper Conduct, Kindness, Propriety, Wisdom, and Trustworthiness
  • After understanding all this,grab a harmonious place where you can make yourself comfortable.
  • Summon energy from the universe, feel good and call your idols by imagining them to surpass the energy
  • In the end, relax and breathe normally, do not exert yourself suddenly after meditation.

Taoist Meditation – Technique number 2

  • Sit comfortably with your legs closed and back erect.
  • Start focusing on your breath and movements happening inside your body.
  • Now envision a point of vitality at your lower dan tian, or in your lower stomach region. This is your focal point of gravity and is usually a couple of creeps underneath your navel or a couple of crawls over your pelvis close to the tummy catch.
  • Enable yourself to feel your breath, your chi, streaming into your Dantian and after that pull out again in a reasonable, musical manner. Feel yourself top off with great, perfect, mending chi, and after that vibe will yourself breathe out all the old, unclean, spent chi. Just unwind and let this cadenced trade occur without anyone else. Have no exertion, no strain, no longing, no plan, no objective. Directly give yourself a chance to be carried on the wings
  • of vitality and of Tao itself. Give yourself a chance to sink profoundly into the still, calm profundities of your own being.

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9 Benefits of Taoist Meditation

  1. Allows energy channels chakras to open naturally.
  2. More concentrated and focused mind.
  3. It let your intuitions guide you wisely.
  4. You’ll witness improved relationships
  5. It eradicates the intoxication present in your body
  6. It improves your body gestures
  7. Make you feel relaxed and calm all the time.
  8. It enhances the knowledge and makes you wise.
  9. Helps you to get better and uninterrupted sleep.

Bottom Line

Taoist meditation is not so common yet very famous meditation practice, which has its origin of Chinese philosophers. There are many ways to practice Taoist Meditation, I’ve mentioned the two best in my opinion. The overall goal of this meditation is to achieve mental calmness which will help us to clear our vision and eradicate all the intoxications present in our body.

Meditation is suggested to every living human being for a better and prosperous life. When it comes to Taoist Meditation, it has different perks as it is one of the most ancient and most fruitful meditation practice.

At-Last, I would like to tell you, to build a good relationship in the society, we first need to develop a good relationship with self, In order to do that, we need to know ourself. Taoist Meditation is the answer to all your dramatic life questions.


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