Primordial Sound Meditation

Meditation has been in our practices for thousands of years though Primordial Sound Meditation is least heard commonly. Primordial Sound Meditation or PSM can help in achieving a deeper intellectual level through sound waves and music.
We usually hear music when we do not feel healthy. Moreover, we even take help from music to motivate us whether it is last rep of your exercise or you’ve to wake up early in the morning.
PSM is not similar to music but completely relatable. The meditation allows you to connect with your inner self. You start feeling the true nature and infinite love around you.
Aggression, anxiety or depression sort of emotions start leaving your body. You can feel too much empowered and confident with the practice of PSM.

Steps to Perform Primordial Sound Meditation?

Primordial sound meditation is neither very easy nor very hard.
All you need is to rejoice in sound and Mantras.
There are enormous mantras available for PSM practices which you can find on YouTube, or you can look after it at any yoga or meditation centers.

  • Prefer performing the practice early in the morning for the best results. Human minds are more active in morning hours than any other day hours.
  • No issues even if you want to practice in some other time. Just make sure of the meal gap- it should be at least 2-3 hours.
  • Start with light warm up
  • Sit in your comfortable position sukhasana
  • Hear and focus on the mantras and then coordinate it with your breathing.
  • The better option is to practice and start under guidance than to your own in initial days.
  • Practice it patiently, give the mantras time, feel the vibrations.
  • At the end of the session- Relax and feel the energy and vibrations.
  • Practice it daily; great results take time.

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Benefits Primordial Sound Meditation?

  • Increase your self-knowledge: These forms of meditation help to reflect one’s experience.
  • Reduces the effects of stress: Helps calm stress and reduce stress and anxiety levels.
  • Positively affects the immune system: has a positive effect on general health.
  • Improves meditation duration and concentration: works on self-awareness and meditation.
  • It is useful to empathize with others: it improves interpersonal relationships.
  • Increase pain tolerance: Reduces painful symptoms.
  • It helps in enhancing your public and social relationships.
  • Improves memory and cognitive functions: Some studies indicate that memory increases.
  • Enhances the presence of positive thoughts: Helps to have an optimistic and positive outlook.
  • Make you alert towards your intuitions. You’ll feel more intellectual and active in your working arena.
  • It helps us reach a state of relaxation and internalization that promotes the state of meditation.
  • During meditation, it is necessary to repeat mantra silently, as it creates a vibration that allows you to reach calm and pure consciousness, keeping yourself away from the noise of the mind.

Final words

Meditation helped in improving and shaping our life from so long. No doubt there are millions of patter to meditate, and each pattern has a unique quality. Same followed up with Primordial sound meditation. The sound and vibrations of mantras connect your inner self with the universe which results in enhanced lifestyle, better relationship status, a good vision, and self-confidence.
I guess for a good living in this hard and fast life, all we need is inner peace and good eyesight to the beautiful world. PSM helps us with our whole internal system and which results in the elegant living of the individuals.


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