Walking Meditation

How good it idea is, to meditate while walking. Walking meditation is a good option for this. It is an art that teaches you to be aware as you walk. You can do this anywhere or while walking in the park.This meditation is done with open eyes and an active body. However, this is quite different from the sitting meditation. This meditation is a good option for those who prefer to walk rather than sit and contemplate. So, in this article, we are telling you about the Meditation Walk. Also, we will tell you its benefits and the right way to do it.

What is walking meditation?

Walking meditation has its origins in Buddhism that is a type of meditation, can be practice in mindfulness meditation. However this meditation has a somewhat new sound, which is a perfect complement to meditation practice. In fact, walking meditation is great for beginners.

As the name suggests, It’s “meditation in motion”. In this, the entire focus is on walking and every step has to be analyzed. Walking Meditation is more than stroll in the park. The main purpose of a meditative walk is walking, not reaching any destination. This type of meditation is usually performed at a much slower pace than regular walking. It is not difficult, everyone can do it.

Normally, while walking, we do not walk in a straight line. But walking meditation involves attempting to walk in a circle, back, straight line or in a labyrinth/maze. In this way, To walk straight, you will also have to slow down your pace and the mind will have to concentrate. This is the basic mantra of this meditation.

The specialty of this meditation is that it is usually performed at a slower pace than regular walking. Your speed should be very slow. Apart from this, it also has to coordinate with the breath. Although many people believe that walking meditation is better than sitting meditation, since provides you benefits of walking and meditation.

How to do meditative walk?

Keep in mind that simple walking is not a walking meditation. For this you need instructions.

choose a quiet place

While doing this meditation, you should choose a quiet place so that your mind remains calm. For this, you can choose a lane or a driveway, park, garden, or it is also a good option to choose the house courtyard or terrace. But make sure that this space is empty. Because your slow walking will attract those who do not know anything about it.

To do this meditation, one can first choose a circle or a straight line or a maze.

Start your steps

Walk 20 to 40 steps along the lane you have chosen and then stop. Now stand and breathe. Now go back again and repeat this process until you get used to it.

The components of each step

Follow a specific pattern of walking to perform walking meditation. It is very important to observe every step you take. Be aware of steps such as lifting your feet, moving it forward, placing it on the ground, and feeling the touch of the ground on your feet.


During this meditation, walk at a slow pace. Slightly slower than we usually walk. But the speed at which you are moving, keep going at the same speed. Do not slow down or accelerate in between.

Hands and arms position

When you go for a Mindful Walk, you don’t understand how to keep your hands. Leave it free, as you walk or adopt a special position for them. By the way, adopt the situation that you feel comfortable. You can walk with your hands behind your back or waving in front.

Focusing your attention

While walking, your mind should concentrate and bring its attention to the body. First, take a breath and then take a step, when exhaling, take a step. In this way the number of steps increases for each breath. If your mind starts to wander, then return it to the senses.

The eyes should be facing down while walking. Down means not in your footsteps, but walk a little ahead. Just look at Casually and go on.

Chant Mantra

The steps coordinate with the breath during walking meditation. You can also chant a mantra while walking.

Buddhist-based Mindful walking meditation Benefits

This meditation benefits the mind and body in many ways. At the same time, the body also gets strength to fight many common diseases, which helps the body to move towards healthy and fit.

Improves blood circulation- The practice of walking helps improve blood flow, especially the legs. This helps reduce feelings of lethargy or stagnancy.

Improves sleep quality- 2019 research showed that regular exercise has a positive effect on sleep quality.

Reduces stress- A 2017 study suggests that Walking Meditation is more beneficial for reducing emotions and stress.

  • Research has shown that doing 30 minutes of walking meditation 3 times a week for 12 minutes can improve type 3 diabetes.
  • meditation connects you more deeply to the environment.
  • Taking the Buddhist Walking Meditation three times a week for 12 weeks has relieved the state of depression in the mind.
  • In a meditative walk, you have to pay attention not only to walking but also to other movements, this increases your mental effort.
  • This technique of meditation boost concentration power.
  • This meditation habit will increase Metabolism as well as digestion process will be better.


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