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Having discipline and respecting your practice is the key to experiencing deep meditation. By continuously meditating at a certain time every day, the path of deep meditation opens. However, in many people, the question arises about meditation, how to make meditation habit in our life.

If you are busy it may take just a minute or two. When you simplify the meditation habit, there is no excuse not to do it.

There are some tips to meditate in the early stages, which may help you in the habit of meditating at home.

how to develop meditation habit?

What is meditation, Is this a technique that can be practiced? Is this an effort you have to make? Is this something that the mind can achieve? It’s not like this.

Whatever the mind can do cannot be meditation – it is something that is beyond the mind, here the mind is absolutely helpless.

Make it first thing in the morning

Time has a different significance for meditation. This is the reason why sunrise is considered the best time to meditate. The reason is that in the morning your body is relaxed and full of new energy. So, if you want to make meditation your favorite habit, then the time between 5 am and 7 am can be considered better for the meditation.

Find a clean and peaceful environment

To meditate, it is very important to calm the mind, because if you keep your attention in other things, then you will not be able to concentrate the mind. Therefore, it is very important to have a peaceful environment, otherwise you will feel difficulty in doing meditation. Also, comprehensive results will not be achieved. Therefore, before making meditation your habit, it is important that you make sure that the place you have chosen for it is free from noise.

Choose comfortable clothes

The choice of clothes also plays an important role in meditation. The reason is that if you choose tight clothes, they can distract your attention. Therefore, it is important that light and comfortable clothes are used during this time.

Choose a meditation method

You have to choose meditation method before going to meditation. Initially, you should adopt your simple meditation method. Fortunately, there are many meditation techniques. You just have to choose one of these.

If you are just getting started with your meditation practice, here are five great techniques that can take you on the path of meditation. Depending on your interest and convenience, you can adopt different meditation methods every day.

Breathing meditation-

This is one of the best techniques if you are just getting started in your meditation practice. By focusing on your breath, you can focus your mind comfortably. To start this technique, get yourself in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and slowly begin to observe your breathing. Notice how you feel, how you breathe in and out. If your mind starts to wander, just bring your attention back to your breath.

Mantra Meditation-

By repeating a sacred word like “om” or a meaningful phrase, you can bring your mind to a state of peace. With this technique you can either repeat the mantra aloud or silently repeat it in your mind.

Visualization meditation

Entries that close your eyes and focus your attention on the image of a quiet place, such as a beach, a mountain, or a favorite mountaineering trail.

Mindfulness meditation

In Mindfulness Meditation, you become fully present in the moment by paying attention to your body’s sensations. Start the practice by focusing on your breath, then allow yourself to become aware of other sensations going on throughout your body. You do not want to analyze or judge the experience, you just want to observe.

Body Scanning meditation-

This method is mainly used for relaxation. This sequence involves paying attention to different parts of your body, allows yourself to be stressed and then relaxes each part, paying attention to how each part feels during the process.

Trataka meditation-

This is a variation of the Breath Focus technique. Instead of closing your eyes, you can choose to focus on something.

Practice empty stomach

According to experts, meditation should be done on an empty stomach. With this, you will be able to use all the energy of your body to concentrate. Also it will help you to get better results.

Sit comfortably

It is also necessary to sit in the correct posture while doing meditation. To meditate, you relax and sit in a comfortable posture. Keep the chest wide and sit with Padmasana, sukhasana, and lotus pose. Keep your head straight and close your eyes.

Apart from this, you can meditate in any quiet place by sitting, lying down, standing as you feel comfortable.

Start with just 2 minutes or Small start

It is important to start with just 2 minutes. A long period of time can irritate you or distract you. Regularize meditation even if you do it for a short time.

It will be very easy to start small, you can gradually expand to minutes.

Keep doing the meditation method regularly for 30 days. After 30 days, increase its time duration from 5 minutes to 10 minutes for the next 30 days and then 20 minutes for the next 30 days. 90 days is enough to preserve power. Keep it up.

Focus on your breath

During meditation you should take a deep breath and then let it out slowly. Also you should try to put all your attention in doing this process. Doing this calms the mind and helps to concentrate.

Keep the mind empty

Do not let the mindless thoughts in your mind during meditation. Count down to focus yourself and focus in meditation.

Use ear plug-

To stop the sound of the inside and outside, for this, you put an ear plug in your ear, because if the ear goes into your brain, then you have difficulty concentrating.

Keep practicing-

When you choose a stage for meditation, it may not be right for you in the beginning, maybe when you try to meditate, your thoughts start to wander. But if this happens, do not worry and try to concentrate again. When you try to do this again and again, you will be able to concentrate easily.

Keep a Gentle Smile on Your Face

You will feel the difference in yourself by bringing a gentle smile on your face. A constant gentle smile will make you feel relaxed and at peace and it enhances your meditation experience.

Do It Every Day

To make meditation your favorite habit, do it every day.

End Meditation

Remember, do not open your eyes at all while exiting meditation. Slowly distance yourself from the focus point. Relax, but inhale slowly and release and slowly open your eyes as well.


To realize the benefits of meditation, make a habit of meditation by practicing the above-mentioned tips regularly. So that you can recognize your own existence and experience inner happiness.


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