Yoga for Weight Gain

Regularly practicing yoga styles such as Bikram and Hatha yoga will increase muscle strength and endurance by using body weight as resistance. According to a study, yoga postures may not add weight to your body, but those postures can contribute to an increase in body muscle strength and endurance. If your goal is to gain muscle strength, stamina, and enjoy good health, then it is important to focus on those poses of yoga for weight gain, which helps to increase the efficiency of exercise.

How Does Yoga Help Weight Gain?

Yoga is an important heritage of Indian culture and India has established the pillar of yoga all over the world. The purpose of yoga is to make mankind healthy by coordinating the powers of body, mind, and soul. Yoga is human peace. Yoga means the intake of a sattvic diet with a balanced state of body and mind, along with which the mind and consciousness are also pure and strong. With the practice of yoga, all the mechanisms of the body develop the endocrine glands, the base of the body, the spinal cord, and the functionality of the brain, along with the increase in physical and mental energy.

Gentle Poses of Yoga for Weight Gain or Underweight

In addition to beneficial effects on flexibility and relaxation, take a look at some yoga asanas that will ensure optimize the functioning of your metabolism by reducing stress levels, building muscle, improving your appetite, digestive system, oxygen, and blood circulation.

It is important to indicate here that no one yoga pose will automatically increase your body weight.

# 1 Bhujangasana ‘The Cobara Pose’

It is an effective posture of the abdomen, can help build body mass. For the absorption of protein elements in the body, you should do these asanas regularly.

How to do-

  • Lie on your stomach by laying a mat on the ground, now pull your hands from the top of the head and the feet down.
  • After this, slowly bring the palms under your shoulders.
  • Now while breathing, slowly raise the shoulders upwards. Stayed in this state for a while.
  • Finally, while exhaling, come back to the old state. Repeat this process three times, taking a half-and-half-minute pause.

Know more about this asana click here: Bhujangasana

# 2 Pawanmuktasana ‘The Wind Reliving Pose’

Pawanmuktasana or ‘The Wind Reliving Pose’ is fundamental for weight gain because by doing this asana, digestion is fine and the gas problem gets rid of. This asana helps in venting out the collected air or gas in the digestive system, which keeps the health good.

How to do-

  • First of all, lie down on the ground.
  • Now while breathing, bend both knees and bring them near the chest.
  • After this, hold the knees with both hands.
  • Bring the head to the knees and bring the nose between the knees.
  • Stay in this state for some time.
  • While exhaling, bring hands, feet, and head to the initial state.
  • While doing this easy, keep the breath in and out.

Know more about this asana click here: Pawanmuktasana

# 3 Vajrasana ‘Admintine Pose’

By doing this asana, the thighs become similar to the thunderbolt, hence it is called Vajrasana. This is the only posture that can be done even after eating food. This posture can be done at any time by doing this, our metabolic system is fine. Also contributes to increasing muscle strength and endurance, thereby optimizing the entire metabolic process.

How to do-

  • First of all, sit with your legs spread on the ground.
  • Bend the right leg with the knee and keep it under the right hip.
  • Similarly, bend the left leg and keep it under your left hip.
  • Now bring the buttocks in between the ankles.
  • Keep the hands on the knees and keep the spine straight.
  • Continue the breathing and exhalation process and try to remain calm.

Know more about this asana click here: Vajrasana

# 4 Sarvangasana ”

It is better easy to gain easy weight gain. By doing this, the blood flow in the body is good and the muscles get elasticity. Due to the proper flow of blood in all the organs of the body, nutrition of all the organs is good which directly affects your weight.

How to do-

  • First of all, lie down on the ground facing the sky.
  • Now raise both legs up to 90 degrees.
  • Supporting the hips with both hands, lift the body in such a way that your chin touches your chest.
  • In this state, stop for some time and then come to the initial state.

Know more about this asana click here: Sarvangasana

# 5 Dhanurasana ‘Bow Pose’

This asana works to speed up your digestive system, heart system, and muscles. Therefore, people who do not feel hungry, practice this asana will contribute to opening up their appetite.

How to do-

  • Lie on your stomach.
  • Holding the toes of the feet with your hands while bending the knees.
  • While breathing, raise your head, chest, thigh upwards.
  • The shape of the body should resemble that of a bow.
  • Breathe in slowly and release.

Know more about this asana click here: Dhanurasana


All the mentioned above poses of yoga for weight gain are very beneficial, but it is very important to have a good diet or nutritious diet along with them.


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