Tummo Meditation

Tummo Meditation is quite an ancient Indo-Tibetan traditional meditation technique. It is often used by Buddhist monks for controlling “inner energy”.It is a certain type of tantric yoga that originated in the famed Himalayas centuries ago.

This particular meditation is quite popular for burning all types of thoughts that are sinful and that encourage wrongdoing. It will actually redirect the different thoughts in the mind and help in thinking right. You can easily practice this meditation by the usage of 3 wet clothes. You need to keep the wet clothes on the naked body in temperatures that are freezing as well as cold.

Usually, the staunch Buddhism followers often practice Tummo meditation. There are six distinct types of meditation which are found in this faith, and Tummo remains to be the popular one. It is the meditation which actually heals the inner heart from all types of sinful thoughts and assists in controlling the body from committing any types of wrongdoings. In case you ever visit any Buddhist monastery, you can certainly learn a lot more about Tummo meditation. Now, let’s look at its techniques and various health benefits.

How to Do Tummo Meditation techniques

Tummo Meditation is quite simple as well as a basic technique which teaches how to breathe. In order to do it in the correct fashion, you have to use the following steps.

  • First, you need to get seated on a mat. After this cross your legs and then place them one over the other. Both of your hands can be placed on the knees.
  • Keep both eyes closed. Try to focus on yourself by means of removing all types of wrong thoughts. Thoughts will actually emerge from various directions and will tend to spoil the mood. This is what you have to avoid. Your mind needs to be peaceful. All of your dirty, as well as sinful thoughts, need to be removed.
  • When you are breathing, there are various noticeable movements that actually happen in your bowel. It keeps on going up and then coming down gently.
  • Now you can easily continue to focus on the bowel as well as its movement during that inhalation as well as exhalation periods.
  • Gently start to come upwards and then continue to concentrate on the entire nasal area. Keep the focus on the breath as you inhale as well as exhale.
  • When you have actually reached this position where you can easily concentrate without having any type of wrong thoughts, you can picture the body as a hollow one present in mind.
  • Now think that a particular hot lamp has been put in the middle of the hollow balloon. All of the heat will easily get discharged.
  • Watch closely as your body starts to heat up.

6 Benefits Of Tummo Meditation

There are various benefits of Tummo meditation.

  • It provides you with the power to fight in different ways that you have never actually imagined. It is the battle of the mind.
  • It improves concentration power.
  • A study Suggest CBT increases when you perform tummo meditation.
  • It boosts memory power.
  • It makes you calmer as well as composed.
  • It cleanses the heart and helps in keeping the body healthy.
  • It also improves the various breathing techniques as well as the health of the lungs.

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