Trataka Meditation

Tratak Meditation is a special process of yogic meditation that has been told in Hatha Yoga. Trataka means to concentrate the mind and brain on something. Trataka meditation helps in the concentration between the eye and the mind, increases mental strength, achieves Divine Hidden Powers, and strengthens the eye muscles.

What is Trataka Meditation?

The act of seeing and meditating on any object without blinking an eye is called trataka dhyana or Gazing Meditation.

When meditation is done to keep one’s eyes closed on any external things, then gradually the mind starts converging at the same point and after practicing the trataka, the art of controlling the mind’s infatuation comes.

Trataka is the main technique or yoga practice. The meaning of the word Trataka is to constantly look at a particular object with your eyes. Trataka meditation is a type of Hatha Yoga. This is one of the seven parts of hatha yoga, an activity of Shatkarmas, or ‘six actions’. In Hatha Yoga, this technique has been described as the power to awaken the vision and cleanse the internal organs. The eyes are considered to be the gateway to the soul. Through Trataka Meditation, the eyes are used to establish contact between the soul and the mind. Trataka meditation is done to provide strength and purity to the body.

Images, idols, or symbols of any god, goddess, deity, great man are used for the Trataka meditation. Apart from this, the view of spherical, circular, point, fire, moon, sun, etc. can also be used. For this, keep the trunk center at a distance of about 3 feet from you at the same level as your eyes and see it in the usual way without constantly blinking eyelids Do not let any thought come to your mind. Gradually the mind started to calm down.

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Importance of Trataka Meditation

In this era of modernization, stress, depression, disturbance, negative thoughts have also been included in human life. Several types of research have come out which have shown that human beings spend a lot of energy and time thinking unnecessary thoughts. In such a situation, by doing Trataka meditation, he can give the right direction to his thoughts and energy. With this meditation, you will be able to throw away unwanted and negative thoughts from your life. Trataka meditation will increase your focus, improving concentration powers, will eliminate disturbance and you will be able to live a stress-free life.

Types of Trataka Meditation

Trataka can be done in many ways. Trataka Meditation should start from 2 or 3 minutes and gradually its time should be increased. Before doing this, one must also consult an expert. Know here some special methods of trataka Meditation…

Deepak or Candle  Flame Trataka

By lighting a lamp of ghee or oil in the lamp Trataka, an attempt is made to concentrate on its flame. By doing these exercises continuously, concentration starts to increase. This action can also be done by lighting a candle.

Point Trataka

In this action, a single drawing board or wall point is placed and focused on it.

Moon Trataka

In the Moon Trataka, the Moon has to see the agaze. This meditation is done every day after the moon rises. By doing this, along with concentration, there is also coolness in nature.

Tree Trataka

In olden times, sages and monks used to perform similar Trataka meditation. They used to focus their attention on a tree or a mountain far away.

Statue Trataka

The Trataka is also done by looking at the idol of a deity. In this meditation, the idol or picture has to be stared from the feet to the head. Then slowly one has to set the eyes on one of the parts of God.

Trataka Meditation Stages 

There are three Tratak Meditation Stages.

Inner trataka

This practice is done by closing the eyes completely. In this meditation, you have to concentrate inside yourself. And you have to focus on your third eye (the part between the two eyes). With this, you will experience some pain in the third eye, which will gradually disappear with time. This meditation is useful in removing negative thoughts, increasing intelligence.

Middle trataka

In this meditation, neither your eyes have to be completely closed nor completely open. This meditation is done on the candle flame or nose.

Outer trataka 

This meditation is done by looking at the moon, sun, or stars. This can be done in the afternoon or at night. It keeps the mind calm, increases concentration. Relieves mental disorders.

How To Do Trataka Meditation?

  • First of all, sit in Sukhasana in a quiet room or quiet environment, keeping the head, neck, and back straight.
  • The object to be focused on should be placed at a height parallel to the eyes.
  • Focus on it by placing a burning candle or a Shivling or round piece of white stone.
  • Do not blink the eyelid as long as possible.
  • While doing Trataka meditation, both vision and meditation remain in the same substance, only then will there be a success in Trataka.
  • Keep watching the flame of the burning earthen lamp till the eyes become tired or the tears come out.
  • Now close the eyes and relax.
  • Repeat this action 3 or 4 times until the person gets used to seeing for 10 or 15 minutes without blinking an eyelid.
  • Keep doing this for a few days, this will start practicing. Then keep increasing the time.

After the sight is fixed on the Shivling, practice with the flame of a candle. When the vision on the flame becomes stable, set the sight on your nose. Then stabilize the vision between the two eyebrows. This effort may also take several months. This gives the seeker divine vision.

When the nearest trataka meditation is well practiced, then the seeker should practice to look at the top of a mountain, the dome of a temple or the branch of a tree. If the vision is fixed on these things then practice to set sight on the moon. After this, try to look at the stars and then the sun.

Initially, it is difficult to establish sight on the Sun, so focus on the reflection of the Sun in water. Then on the reflection of the sun on the mirror and then on the sun. In this way, when the vision becomes stable for more than 32 minutes, then the person who goes to the Trataka meditation goes away.


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