TILAK on Forehead

In Sanatan Dharma, applying Tilak on the forehead is considered very auspicious. Scientific studies have also been done about the benefits of applying Tilak. Apart from the religious meaning, many benefits of applying Tilak on the Forehead have been told in the texts and stories.

In Hinduism, This tradition and belief have been going on for centuries. Even today people follow it with full devotion. There is special importance of applying Tilak on the forehead in the Hindu religion, they apply Tilak considering it as a part of their culture. Applying Tilak is also very common. Tilak is also applied on the forehead during the rituals of worship and marriage.

It is believed that applying Tilak on the forehead activates a person’s “Ajna Chakra” (the area between the eyebrows). This chakra is an energy channel, and in yogic science, it is often considered the third eye and a carrier of immense power.

According to religious belief, there is a law to apply tilak on the forehead with kumkum, dry vermilion, yellow sandalwood, turmeric, white sandalwood or ashes, etc.

Tilak Benefits: Benefits of Applying TILAK on The Forehead

Since ancient times, the tradition of applying Tilak on the forehead is going on. Generally, there is a method of applying tilak of sandalwood, kumkum, clay, turmeric, ashes, etc. Along with the spiritual feeling behind applying Tilak, there is also a scientific reason behind it.

According to astrology, there are seven chakras in the middle of the forehead which are considered to be centers of energy. Applying Tilak gives auspicious benefits in one’s life and helps in opening the doors of prosperity.

Applying tilak is a symbol of purity

In astrology and Tantra Shastra, applying Tilak is considered a symbol of righteousness. It is also said that the presiding deity resides in the middle of the forehead and by applying tilak on the forehead, the presiding deity is respected. There is also a belief that applying Tilak means showing reverence to one’s family deity or presiding deity.

Awakening of the Ajna Chakra

Actually, there are seven energy centers in the body which are also considered the storehouse of power. There is Ajna chakra in the middle of the forehead and it is the most important of the seven chakras and is the carrier of immense power. Three Nadis of the body come and meet in this chakra, that’s why the Ajna Chakra is given the most importance. It is the most central seat of body consciousness and in yogic science, it is often referred to as the third eye. This is the reason why it is very important to apply Tilak or Bindi at this place. At the time of meditation in yoga, the mind is concentrated at the center of the forehead.

Symbol of faith in god

In religious Puranas, Tilak is considered a symbol of faith in God, therefore Tilak was applied before every auspicious work. It is believed that wearing Tilak on the Ajna chakra gives peace and energy.

Decreases stress

Pituitary glands become active by applying Tilak on the forehead. Due to this man’s laziness goes away. Brainpower comes and he starts feeling refreshed. Mental stress decreases and he starts feeling peace in his life.

Positivity remains

The scientific reason for applying Tilak is that the mind gets peace and coolness. Such chemicals are secreted in a balanced amount in the brain, due to which feelings of negativity, apathy, and despair do not flourish. The person’s thinking remains positive.

Diseases go away

The precise activation of the Nadi Mandal starts by applying tilak or tika on the forehead. By doing this regularly one gets rid of diseases like insomnia and sinus. Such diseases can be cured by applying Tilak or TIKA. This is the reason why in Hinduism women have been asked to apply tika on their forehead.


In Hinduism, applying Tilak on the forehead is considered very auspicious. Tilak is definitely applied on the forehead in every auspicious work in Hinduism. According to Hindu Puranas, there are seven chakras in the human body. The Ajna Chakra is located between the eyebrows. Applying Tilak on the forehead improves the power of concentration in the body of a person. Tilak or TIKA provides positive energy. This calms the mind. Tilak or Tika of sandalwood, kumkum, saffron, etc. is applied on the forehead.


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